Prevent Dog Biting – 1 year old black lab biting problem (help required)

Prevent Dog Biting – 1 year old black lab biting problem (help required)

by Karl O’Driscoll
(Dublin, Ireland)

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Hi all,

My partner and myself adopted a 1 year old black lab a couple of weeks ago from a pound. He was abandoned and was strayed for about 3 weeks before the pound got him.

I reckon he was mistreated in his prior home by a man because he was very jumpy if I made a sudden movement god love him. If I got the broom to sweep he would cower, or move the kitchen chair on the tiles (the noise would scare him and would run and cower), he only seems scared when I do this as I am a male (I believe), he is fine when my wife does it.

Now, the problem I am having is, we don’t let him upstairs, so if he goes to go upstairs we would call him back, if he didn’t come back one of us would go and get him, we would take hold of his collar and bring him back down. Likewise, if he was rummaging in the bins we would do the same. Now this was all well and good for the first few days, but recently, if we went to take hold of his collar he would quickly turn and bite us (not hard, but hard enough, he hasn’t drawn blood yet), he does it allot more to me, not so much to my wife, my concern is, it is getting allot more frequent.

A point to note is, he is not neutered yet, he will be on Tuesday (I hope this helps)

If he keeps this up, he will have to be re homed as I do not want to take the chance of him doing that to a child when we have one over or have our own.

Has anyone got any ideas on this? Suggestions on how to stop it, confirmation on weather or not this should stop when he gets neutered?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Also, I don’t think he is a pure bred, so if anyone would be able to help identify what cross is in him? I think there may be some staff or pit bull in him due to his immensely defined hind leg muscles and the shape of his ears and face.

Thank you so much.

Hi and thanks for your question and pictures! I can tell that you and your partner are real dog lovers and of course you are worried as if this developed it could become even more serious. It is always difficult to understand exactly what your dog has been through but it certainly sounds like he was badly treated by a previous owner. Rather than go through the whole process of how you can cure this problem I have provide some screen shots of a dog training ebook that we recently purchased tha covers this exact problem. Hope this helps.