Puppy Leash Training, Leash Training a Puppy, How to Train a Puppy

Puppy Leash Training

Puppy leash training is a great way to gain some control over your puppy when he is outside and also a great way to practice the puppy obedience training techniques you have already learnt.

It would be great to let your puppy run free when you first walk him, but you have to remember that he is still only a baby so may run off, chase other dogs or get himself into other trouble.

Below we have created a step by step guide to leash training a puppy and dog and how you can have fun training your new puppy.

Puppy Leash Training – Introducing the leash


1. Before you introduce the leash to your puppy get him active and ready for training by playing some fun games with him. This will get him engaged and focus his attention on you.

2. Get the leash and offer it to your puppy. Allow him to sniff his leash and examine it, do this for a short time before you attach it to his collar.

3. It is important to keep your puppy’s attention on you as the trainer and not on his leash – use a treat as a reward as this will help divert his attention from the leash and collar.

4. Keep fido distracted with the treat and attach the leash to his collar.

5. Now ask your puppy to walk with you – keep the leash slack as he starts walking – if at any point he pulls on his leash – stop immediately and call your puppy back – this will train your puppy that pulling will get him nowhere!

6. It is important when you are puppy leash training that you do not allow your puppy to chew on his leash – this will lead to dominance and behavior problems in your puppy as he gets older.

Puppy Leash Training – Pulling.

Remember that wearing a leash is not natural for your puppy, but if you train him with patience, consistency and skill it will become a natural extension for you and your puppy.

1. Puppy’s pull on the leash because they can! Your puppy will be testing the boundaries – but it’s up to you to get the leash training back on track!

2. You need to get your puppy’s attention back on you, imagine if you own a large breed, you don’t want to be pulled all over the park! Your puppy needs to know that you are in charge as he will be looking to you for guidance.

3. You need to work with your puppy when leash training-don’t give up and stop using a leash. Stick with it!

4. Every-time your puppy pulls on his leash give him a quick check on the leash and do this every-time he pulls!

5. When your puppy stops pulling and walks by your side reward him with a treat.

6. Remember it will take time to be able to keep a slack leash when walking your puppy-but keep rewarding positive behavior.

7. If he continues pulling – turn around and walk in the other direction until he stops pulling and walks by your side. Now turn around and walk in the original direction you were taking -reward and praise.

8. It is quite a cumbersome technique but very effective – if your puppy continues to pull during the puppy leash training process take him directly home and let him see you hang his leash up.

9. You can use techniques such as squirting your puppy with water when he pulls on his leash – I am personally uncomfortable with this technique but it is worth mentioning.