Puppy Potty Training Tips – How to Re-Potty Train my Yorkie and Cure His Behavior Problems


by HelpMyYorkie

My Yorkie is almost 2 years old and is going backwards in the potty training process do you have any puppy potty training tips?

First thing in the morning I take him outside and say go potty and he always will. During the day He tells me when he needs to go outside and when he does potty I always say good boy. He can urinate several times outside and come right in the house and poop? He usually eats it! He will potty every single time I take him outside, but lately he has been urinating everywhere ! Anything on the floor, door frames, carpets, kitchen chairs, kids toys? I just don’t know what to do, I love him so much and I would never give him away. I’m also having a problems with him growling at my husband when he kisses us bye in the morning, he actually has bitten him a couple of times. When he is sleeping and someone comes up to touch him he growls and and snaps to bite. Please HELP !!! This is causing major problems and he is ruining my home. I have cleaned and cleaned my carpets and cannot get the urine smell out.

Our Response

I am so sorry that you and your dog are having these problems. When behavior problems suddenly develop it is always a good idea to rule out any medical problems as this can very often be a cause. You are doing so many things right – don’t give up you will get there I promise and you will get your beloved happy dog back. I can tell you are at the end of your tether and I can see why.

When it comes to potty training a Yorkie can be more difficult than other breeds – not always but sometimes. You need to start the potty training process again as it sounds like your dog has forgotten why he is going outside in the first place. Males are very often too keen to get back inside and this can be when their bladder is still full. Wait for your dog to pee or poop and then wait some more. Dogs very often pee and poop in stages before they have finished completely. If your dog does not go take him inside and put him in the Crate – wait fifteen minutes and go outside again.

The umbilical chord is also a great obedience training method – especially in your dog’s case as it enables you to be able to supervise him all the time. This involves attaching a leash to your dog an then tucking the leash end in your belt – this means everywhere you go your dog goes. Not only will this enable you to spot when your dog is about to poop or pee but you will be able to reinforce good behavior – as soon as you see your dog about to mess – walk straight outside – using the ‘Potty Time’ cue phrase.

Your dog is also at an age when he is keen to mark his scent – this involves leg raising and peeing around the House – have you had him fixed? Speak to your vet about the pros and cons related to neutering.

I would also advise dog training classes as you have a culmination of issues that really could benefit from one on one support – not only will this enable you to speak to other dog owners but a trainer will be able to work one on one with your dog. I love dog and puppy training classes as it is a great way for a dog to be socialized and this is what every dog needs – mixing with other humans and dogs is a great way to reduce worry and anxious behavior in dogs. Look out for Yorkie Forums on the Internet as they are another great way to pick up new tips. I would definitely rule out any medical problems though as the sudden aggressive behavior may be due to pain or illness.

Your dog seems to have become very protective of you especially when your husband is around – this needs to be fixed. Possessive behavior can be fixed with the following tips – you and your husband need to reinforce that you own everything in the property – if you want to take his food you can, if your husband wants to kiss you he can, if you want to take your dogs toys you can – claim everything that YOU want to claim.

1. Start by putting the food or a toy on the ground – use the sit command and do this with your husband. You are in control and it is up to you when your dog eats or plays with the toy. If your dog walks up to the Toy say no and use the Sit command.

2. Walk around the property with your dog on a leash – put a bone on the floor and use the sit command if he goes for it.

3. If your dog has a toy in his mouth – take it – use the sit command and say good boy and give him the Toy – your dog needs to know you can take anything that you or your husband wants at anytime – get your husband to do this too.

4. If your dog gets aggressive don’t back down – if you are concerned or worried speak to the dog trainer at your local club.

5. Remember it is your pack and you are the pack leader – get control back.

Hope this all helps – let us know how you get on