Puppy Potty Training, Potty Training Puppies, Potty Training a Puppy

In this section learn about puppy potty training with our top tips and videos.

We have covered everything so you can learn how to stop your dog or puppy peeing or pooping in the House fast and effectively.

If you are house training a puppy or if you own an adult dog it can be a difficult phase in your new relationship but as long as you take your time, are patient and use reward based training methods you and your pooch will succeed.

Puppy Potty Training Step by Step.

Step 1

  1. Start by attaching a leash to your puppy so that you have some control over what and where he can go. You don’t want your puppy to be running all over the garden.
  2. Make sure that you have some treats in your hand so that you can reward your puppy. This is the same as when you are crate training a puppy or crate training a dog – a puppy needs his reward straight after he has done thing well. You need to make sure that the treats are one of your puppy’s favorite.

Step 2

  1. Now take your puppy or dog outside, put a cue on this such as ‘outside’ or ‘toilet time’. It won’t be long before your puppy will learn to associate the dog training command with going outside.
  2. Watch your puppy like a hawk. You need to keep your puppy under close supervision or he will be off peeing or pooping somewhere – hence keeping your dog on a leash. For more information on this check out our section on puppy leash training.
  3. Watch for signs that your puppy is about to do his business – he may start sniffing the ground or doing the toilet dance when he goes around in circles.
  4. As soon as he crouches into the pooping position use a cue such as ‘go potty’ or ‘toilet time’
  5. Make sure that you and the family use the same cue every-time. This is the same when house training a puppy or house training dogs as it eliminates confusion.
  6. As soon as your puppy has done his business, make sure you give him lots of praise and one of the treats.

Step 3

  1. It is a good idea to let him do his business first then have some play time.
  2. This will train your puppy to do his business fast as he will want to have his play time.
  3. If your puppy does not potty in the time you have given – take him back inside and place him in his crate for a period of 10 – 15 minutes. This will stop him having accidents around the House. Check out our section on puppy crate training for more advice on this.

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We hope we have provided enough tips on this training process.

Although it can sometimes take a little time and patience, if you follow all the advice on this page and watch all the videos, you will succeed.

You just need to remember to be fair and consistent and practice. Don’t move forward with each step until you have mastered the previous step.