Puppy Socialization, Free Puppy Training Tips, How to Train a Puppy

Puppy socialization is the process of training your puppy to be comfortable with different experiences.

Socializing your puppy early is so important, in this section learn how to train a dog with the best free dog training tips, techniques, devices and tools.

This may be introducing your puppy to children, different animals, objects the great ourdoors – basically anything that is new and challenging to your puppy.

Believe it or not socializing your puppy is a vital part of dog obedience training.

It stimulates the different senses found in a dogs – including sight, sound, smell and touch.

Just like a child a new puppy needs to be introduced to new experiences from an early age.

This will ultimatly lead to a well balanced and well behaved puppy.

Puppy Socialization.

 Socializing your puppy with other dogs, humans, animals, objects etc is crucial to your puppy’s development. It will help teach him appropriate social skills and help him to dispel any fears. This will encourage your puppy to feel relaxed in all environments.

Quick Tip

Make sure that your puppy has had his full course of vaccinations before you start socializing him with other dogs – if you are in any doubt ask the previous breeder or your Vet.

Puppy Socialization: Top tips – a quick list to refer to.

1. Your puppy should be introduced to a different mix of people with varying ages including young and old. Your puppy should also socialize with different genders – male and female.

2. Introduce your puppy to people traveling in a variety of ways including, walking, running, jogging, people on bikes, skate boarders, push chairs, prams and roller blades – anything that moves and is a new experience.

3. Your puppy should be socialized with people who dress differently. Introduce your puppy (if possible) to people in uniforms, the post man, people in hats, suits, people wearing glasses, masks, helmets, and people carrying bags, suit – cases etc… It may not be easy to complete this list but try your best. Remember that the more experiences your puppy is introduced to, the more relaxed he will become in their company.

4. Introduce your puppy to as many different animals as possible including other dogs, cats, guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits, live stock, horses etc… any animal that you feel your puppy is likely to encounter in his everyday life as he gets older.
Puppy training classes are also a great way for you to start socializing your puppy. By taking your pooch to training classes you not only encourage your puppy to mix with dogs of different sizes, shapes and breeds but your puppy will also be introduced to different people of different sexes, shapes and heights.

All of these experiences are great ways for your puppy to become socialized and used to being placed in new experiences without becoming nervous, anxious or aggressive.

Using training classes as a puppy socialization tool is also great for you as the owner too. By taking your puppy to the classes where a dog trainer is present, if your puppy does display any worrying behavior issues when introduced to new experiences you are able to ask the trainer immediately what you should do to cure it – this is so important as by responding immediately to the problem you are much more likely to train your puppy not to do it again.

Another bonus to puppy training classes is the fact that you can mix with other dog and puppy owners and ask them questions. You may find that a particular owner has had the same problems with their puppy as you – you can then talk about the methods the owner used to train their pooch and you can swap ideas.