Puppy Urinating when Excited


My puppy starts urinating when he gets excited. My puppy is about 5 months old. He lets us know when he has to go out and is crate trained. However, whenever he is showed attention or he gets excited he urinates.

Even if he has just went out to go to the bathroom if he is showed too much attention or gets excited he urinates on the floor or on the person’s shoes. He does this everywhere (home, park, outside). Any advice on how to stop this would be appreciated.


Our Response

Hi I’m sorry that you are having this problem – it is actually submissive urination and a lack of bladder control. As your puppy gets older he will start to be able to control his bladder more effectively. Conseuntly this problem will normally go as your puppy gets older and starts to learn how to control when and where he urinates.

Sudden and unexpected urination normally occurs when a stranger walks into the House. It will also occur when a loved one comes home. Try not to get your puppy over excited when you come home. Just say hello and give him a quick pat – keep it low key. If a stranger or friend pops around ask them to do te same Don’t let people lean over your puppy as this is very frightening to young puppies. Imagine if a massive dog came around your House and leaned over you.

Use a Crate as a training tool as this will further strenghten your puppy’s bladder.

Let your puppy outside at the right time – as soon as he wakes, after eating and during play-time. Reward your puppy when he urinates outside as this will reinforce the behavior. Anyway I have provided some useful links below to further help you. Oh and always check with the Vet to rule out any medical problems as this maybe a factor.