Secrets to Dog Training – Snappy, protective Chihuahua! My Chihuahua attacks children and strangers.

by lara-may
(Cape Town)

My 2 year old chihuahua is really protective of me and whenever children or strangers come near me he freaks out and attacks them. Children always come up to pet him because he’s so small and cute and I want to train him to be friendly and relaxed when they do this.

How do I get him used to kids?


Our Response
Hi and thanks for your question as it helps keep our site happy and healthy! Yes I understand that you do have a problem here and it needs to be fixed. I would start by taking your dog to dog training classes. This is a great way to not only get free advice but to also socialise your dog with other people and animals.

You need to start by de-sensitizing your dog around children – for whatever reason your dog is snappy this could quickly turn into a nasty bite. Ask children not to approach your dog – attach a leash and gradually get your dog used to being around children and other people. Unfortunately children do not always pick up on a dog’s body language and can come across as being threatening which may result in your dog snapping at the percieved threat. Get your dog used to being around children (attached to a leash) and after a period of time your dog will become socialized and more happy around them. Always reward your dog when he is behaved around kids as this will reinforce positive behavior.