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Ok so you want to learn how to stop dogs from chewing…

We have discussed numerous puppy and dog behavioral problems throughout our website, whether it is due to your dog being abused, separation anxiety or simply because he is more inclined towards specific behavior patterns…

But there is nothing more destructive and more annoying than when your dog or puppy decides to chew objects around the House whether it is a pair of shoes, a newspaper, a table or your best shirt or blouse, you need to to know the techniques cure this problem…

So lets get started…

Why Puppies and Dogs Chew…

  • Dogs and puppies often chew to explore their surroundings by chewing certain objects, this often occurs during the age of 28-52 weeks. Check out our section on puppy behavior for more advice.
  • During the puppy teething stage puppies often chew objects as it sooths their gums – it also helps dislodge old teeth to make room for new baby teeth.
  • Dogs and puppies often chew as it releases endorphins – these chemicals relax and sooth dogs and puppies. By chewing objects it relaxes your pooch – which is often why a pooch suffering from puppy separation anxiety chews.
  • Dogs and puppies chew objects such as plaster and even stones as they have not been getting the right amount of calcium in their diet. Get some free vet advice if you are unsure about your dog’s diet.
  • Your dog or puppy may have started chewing objects to get your attention – he knows when he chews the remote control and your slippers that he has your undivided attention when you chase after him.
  • Your dog or puppy may not be having enough stimulation – Springer Spaniels are very active dogs and need regular exercise – if he isn’t getting enough he may start destructive chewing.
  • Your dog or puppy may be displaying anxious behavior at being left alone.

Stop Dogs from Chewing

Below we have provided some top tips on to stop dogs from chewing…

  • Dogs and puppies don’t know the difference between what is expensive and what is cheap – so don’t let your dog have access to anything that maybe expensive.
  • Give your dogs lots of chews & toys that are not easily destroyed – they need to be safe.
  • As mentioned before, make sure your dog or puppy gets lots of exercise.
  • Train your dog to know what is acceptable to chew and what isn’t.
  • A good way to stimulate and exercise your puppy or dog is play lost of games throughout the day.
  • Remember that chews are very different from toys, chews are designed to be chewed and toys are designed to be picked up, thrown or squeezed.

How to stop dogs from chewing using negative reinforcement…

  • If you catch your dog chewing, spray him on the back of the head with a water spray, this is to startle him.
  • Only squirt your pooch if you catch him – it is a correction device – but your dog needs to think that the squirt came form the object and not you.
  • Coat the objects that he is cewhing i.e. the table leg etc with a foul tasting substance (make sure that it is safe) tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper, we don’t use this method but wanted to give you the option.

How to stop dogs chewing positive reinforcement…

  • Reward your dog or puppy when he chews the right thing i.e. a chew and not the table leg.
  • If you catch your dog chewing say ‘No’ in a sharp voice and then give him something to chew on and then reward him.
  • Give your dog or puppy only 2-3 toys to play with – choose toys with different shapes and textures.
  • Play games with your pooch with the toys and chews this will train your dog to associate good feelings with these toys and chews – which will teach him to want to chew these rather than anything else.
  • Fill some toys with there favorite dog food recipe, this gives your dog a reward for chewing the right toy rather than your shoe – reward based dog training methods are very effective.

Congratulations any one of these dog training techniques will stop dogs from chewing with very little fuss and with you still remaining best of friends.