Stop My Dog From Barking


I need advice on how to stop my dog from barking. When we are walking, my 6 month old Labrador puppy barks once when he sees another dog. He is fine, if not afraid, and either wants to play or runs away after this initial bark. I am afraid he will cause another dog to think he is aggressive and therefore go for him in defense of itself. How do I stop him barking when he sees another dog?

Our Response

Hi I am sorry you are having this problem – it it makes you feel any better – it is a very common problem in young dogs. I will give you a guide on what to expect and how you can stop this behavior.

Your dog is currently going through a hormonal roller coaster – you should expect your dog’s (puppy’s) behavior to start becoming a little challenging.

What you should expect

1. Your puppy may start to scent mark more often.

2. Aggressive behavior to other male dogs is very common – in female dogs you should expect mood changes, house training problems and feelings of insecurity are common.

3. When out for a walk your dog (puppy) may suddenly become deaf to commands (selective deafness).

4. Your puppy may start to mark territory inside the property.

What you should do.

1. Start exercising your dog (puppy) more regularly.

2. Reinforce your status as the pack leader – eat first, walk through the door first and do not allow your dog on your bed, sofa or feed him on a higher level than you.

3. Consider neutering your dog – this is something that can curb aggressive behavior.

4. Remember that the behavior your puppy is showing is completely normal and will pass.

5. Use positive reinforcement to ignore negative behavior and reward positive behavior.

6. Start taking your puppy to puppy training classes – this is very important – by socializing your puppy with other breeds of different sizes and ages this will get your puppy used to being around other dogs. By participating in training classes you are also able to use the expertise of professional dog trainers – this will enable a trainer to spot and cure the problem of barking at other dogs. You will also be able to ask other owners questions – they may have had the same problem.

A Quick Guide on How to Stop Dog Barking

This is called focus attention training as is a great method for stopping a dog or puppy barking at passing dogs and puppies when out for a walk. This method is used to re-focus the attention on YOU and not on the DOG that is attracting your dog’s attention and causing the yapping and barking.

1. Start by finding somewhere quiet – you don’t want your training session to be interrupted.
2. Have two treats – one that is really special (the Jackpot treat).
3. Call your dogs name and then move.
4. As soon as you move and your dog responds, praise your dog – hold the treat level with your eyes and your dog’s eyes and give the treat.

Practice this in a sequence of five – the more you practice the faster your dog will become at responding to your command…so…

1. Name
2. Move
3. Praise
4. Treat – eye level and eye contact when the treat is given.

Can you see the benefit of this training technique – basically t can be used hen out for a walk when your dog sees another dog – as soon as he starts barking use this technique. If you manage to control your dog’s barking and he stops on your command then reward. Ignore negative behavior and reinforce positive behavior – now practice.

Hope this helps – below are some more links to help you.