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Stop puppy biting out of fear!

On this page have all your puppy and dog behavior questions answered, learn the best free puppy training tips, dog training methods & techniques to cure aggressive puppies & dog behavioral problems associated with nervous, abused and fearful behavior.

So lets get started…

  • Sometimes fearful behavior in puppies stems from abuse, and abused dog behavior is often a common cause of nervous cowering, biting & snapping.
  • Fearful biting is very rarely actually due to aggression but due to nerves and your pooch simply feeling insecure and scared.
  • A snappy or nipping puppy can sometimes be due to genetics which is sometimes the case with German Shepherds – Alsatians.

Ok so lets get started with some top dog training techniques to cure your beloved pooch of this behavioral problem

Free Puppy Training Tips

Stop Puppy Biting out of Fear

A puppy that is biting out of fear may give you confusing signals, he may even be wagging his tail in a submissive manner but cower near your legs – common in abused dog behavior – and then suddenly lunge forward in a provocative even aggressive manner.

  • Ask a friend to help you out and start the puppy obedience training slowly, start by attaching a long leash to your pooch.
  • Make sure that you have not walked or fed your puppy.
  • Ask your friend to walk away from your pooch holding a treat.
  • With your puppy still attached to a leash let your puppy walk towards your friend and the treat.
  • Your friend should go down on on knee and not look or speak to your puppy. Your friend should open his or her hand and let your pooch take the food from his/her open hand.
  • Your friend should avoid any eye contact with your puppy and he is taking the food/treat.
  • Practice steps from 1-6 a few times and then gradually ask your friend to start turning his or her body towards your pooch – but still with no eye contact.
  • Continue to practice all the steps and gradually ask your friend to now completely face your puppy still on his or her knees and with the treat in his open hand – your puppy should still be attached to the leash and you are just holding one end.
  • Now get your friend to actually walk towards your puppy offering the treat but still with no eye contact – if your puppy shows any fear your friend should step back – go back to the beginning and start again.
  • Now remember you are still attached to your puppy – so you can now approach your pooch and your friend can do the same avoiding eye contact.
  • As you both approach your puppy you should be quietly talking to your pooch – to stop puppy biting out of fear can take up to 6 weeks.
  • If your puppy is still not showing any fearful behavior your friend can now start to approach, you are still attached to your puppy and are gently stroking him as your friend approaches – still avoid eye contact.


Congratulations you have managed to stop puppy biting out of fear.