Stop Puppy Biting – Victoria Stilwell – Free Puppy Training Tips – What are some tips in training an adopted 6 month Maltese Poodle mix?


I recently adopted a male 6 month Maltipoo (Maltese/poodle mix), who has not yet been neutered. The previous owner told me that she has not house-trained nor done basic training with the puppy. She also told me that since she lives on a farm in Missouri and lets the puppy run around without a leash, which is also a problem. The puppy has a habit of biting the lead and hates when I put on the collar.

It has been 6 days so far since I’ve adopted him. I don’t have any problems training him to go potty outside, except for the fact that he pulls on the leash and stops immediately when he sees another dog or a stranger, but he doesn’t bark nor is he aggressive, he just stares at them until they leave and starts sniffing once they turn their backs.

I’m not sure whether or not he’s not used to me or the area, or too young to train, or am I training him incorrectly by making him bored too easily. I use positive reinforcements such as toys, praise, and treats. He also does not know his name even though I’ve tried to call him in an excited voice, but just follows me on his on will.

Sometimes when the puppy plays with my nieces and nephews, he gets too excited and starts nipping behind their legs. I’ve tried to use a technique that Victoria Stilwell suggest as to turn your back and ignore him, which did not work.

The only time that the puppy barks is when he hears another dog bark from the television.

So, as I’ve explain the certain problems, I’m not sure whether it’s a behavioral issue.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I really appreciate the help.




Our Response

Hi and thanks for your question – to be honest you are doing everything right – you have obviously done your research and by repeating everything that you are doing you will get there. In relation to walking your puppy on the leash – you are doing everything right – my main worry is around nipping and biting and I will give you some tips on how to solve this problem below.
Biting and nipping is a natural reaction to what a puppy and dog will do when they are in the litter – it is up to the owner to stop this behavior from carrying on when you take him on.

One of the reasons why people are not allowed to take puppies before they are ten weeks old is (among many other reasons) is because they are still learning bite inhibition from their other siblings and their mother.

Continue using the same techniques that Victoria Stilwell advocates because believe me she knows what she is talking about. Start by making a loud noise as if you are in pain (this is what the puppies would do in the litter) and encourage everyone else to do the same. As soon as she bites or nips make a loud noise and stand up and turn around and stop all contact.

If she bites or nips at you – stop contact and say ‘No’. Wait and then give her chew and when she closes her mouth around it give her some praise as this will teach her how to use her mouth correctly.

It is vital that everyone who is involved with your puppy trains her not to nip or bite – this will reinforce positive behavior – but everyone needs to do this. As soon as she nips or bites all involved should give her the cold shoulder.

Hope this helps