Too friendly puppy


How can I train my puppy not to be so friendly? She runs up to strangers even when I tell her to stay. (Half way down the block even).

She knows stay, but doesn’t do it very good all of the time.

I let her be friends with my neighbors on either side of me, but don’t let her go to them all of the time we see them either.

She thinks everybody wants to pet her and play with her it seems.(I said that to my one neighbor and she said we do because she’s so cute)

My puppy is a British Chocolate Lab.( The vet told me.)
She was born Feb. 3, 2010 and weighs 34 lbs.



Our Response

Hi Alice – your puppy is still quite young and will be trying to explore her surroundings. After a period of time her behavior will settle down and she won’t be quite so active. Sometimes with any form of dog obedience training – it is often better to prevent the problem rather than spend more time trying to cure the problem.

It is very natural for your puppy to want to explore and spend time with different people, dogs and experiences – it’s her way of learning. Start by attaching a leash to your puppy and taking her out on a leash – when she starts exhibiting behavior that she wants to run off – (you will notice the leash go tight), divert her attention and use the sit command. Then walk in the other direction. Another useful dog obedience training technique is to start training your dog to come – this is covered in my puppy training section. Don’t panic Alice this behavior will start to subside – keep training your puppy to respond to you and your voice – and before long when your puppy has reached maturity the over friendliness will decrease.