Training a Husky


by Caetlyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

My 2 year old female husky wont stop whinging and howling. I have not been at home a lot lately due to a lot of travel for work but my mother and my brother look after her and take her for walks and i take her for walks 3 times a week and she just howles so much now and isn’t eating her food at all, unless its freshly cooked chicken or mince or something. Is there something wrong? Im worried.

Our Response

Hi and thanks for the question as it helps to keep our site happy and healthy!

This breed can make fantastic pets as long as they are well trained. The Husky need their owners to be strong, assertive and consistent in their obedience training. If you are soft and do not assert yourself as the pack leader your Husky will take the role and then you are in trouble. This breed are very prone to getting bored very easily and when the Husky gets bored they are very prone to destructive behavior, whining and barking. For this reason it is very important that you keep your dog stimulated – this can involve lots of exercise, walking and plenty of toys. Remember a tired dog is less likely to exhibit any behavior problems. Make sure that your dog does not have any health problems as this might be a cause and it is better to rule out any health problems.

Hope this helps