Training Labradors – Need serious help!!!!


by Brittney

I have a 6 month female black Labrador. She is spayed. I got her when she was only 5 weeks old, and the people who sold me her said that she was separated from her mom at 2 weeks old I never new at the time what age they were supposed to be taken from their mothers, and rehomed until after I got her and looked it up online. I know this has alot to do with how she is today.

Anyway, this is my problem with her. She does not have any manners at all, she barks non stop, she pulls when we walk her (we have been keeping a tight leash on her making her walk beside us, but that isnt helping), she will only sometimes listen to me to sit, or lay down (for 2 seconds) if i have a treat in my hand, she chases my 3 year old son nipping at him, has a tendency to bite me (today she made my wrist swollen, when she dropped her toy for me, and I tried to go and grab it to throw it to her, she instantly went for it as soon as she seen my hand move and got my wrist in her mouth) she does not go after my 4 year old daughter though which is strange. She will listen to my boyfriend, which is strange because he is never home and is always away working, and im the one with her 24/7. She is crate trained, and I have been putting in it for 10-20 minute timeouts, when she has been bad and not listening, but when she comes out, she is back up doing the same thing she was put in her crate for. So do I put her back in her crate? Because honestly I think she would live in there all day then. She is so hyper, I make sure I take her on at least a 2 hour walk every morning and evening, then play 30 minutes of fetch with her, hoping she would calm down a bit, and either lay down and chew a bone, or play with her toys, but no she sits in front of me barking, so I stand up turn my back to her, and she starts to jump up on me. I continue to ignore her, not making eye contact, or talking, then she will go away and grab something (like one of my kids toys) and run around with it wanting me to chase her, I try to ignore her thinking she will drop it, but she doesnt she wrecks it, so I have no choice than to chase her to get it away from her, or I will have nothing left in my House. I am at my witts ends with her, all I do is cry because I cannot handle her, I want to get rid of her, but my daughter would be devastated I need serious help! I have tried everything, that I read online, and nothing is working. Dog obedience training classes are way out of the question as where I live, the lady wants 800.00 for 5 classes (I looked into it) thats a little outrageous for me, I know petsmart does them for cheaper, but the closets one is 3 hours away from me, and by the time I put gas into my vehicle and drive there, it honestly would be the same as if i were to go to the lady here. Please help me.

Our Response

Hi and thanks so much for your question – I can tell that you are a true dog lover and I really empathise with you and your ongoing problems – the problem is really that I would need to see what was happening to really get a good idea about how to cure this problem – but I do think it is possible and for alot less money than $800 as you are right for five sessions that seems way too much. So I have spent the last hour trying to track down dog trainers that are cheaper and can do it by Skype – remember that Skype is free or you can do it though videos – I have provided a list of dog trainers that might be able to help. Please don’t give up there is help out there. I am not affiliated with any of the list below.