Training your dog or puppy to come – Abused Puppy Behavior – 5 month old Puppy has problems


by Suzanne Staniforth
(Adelaide, Sth Australia)

Training a dog or puppy to come.

He also takes our slippers, he does not chew them, just likes to have them. I have ignored this bahaviour, this may be wrong but there were bigger battles to fight than having to find our slippers. He is a very affectionate puppy, and wants to please us. It is the problem of him coming to me when called that is the biggest one. Any suggestions would very welcome. Ollie is a gorgeous puppy and fits in well with us. He was terrified of his brush so I got a grooming glove and from that we advanced to where he lets me brush him with his normal brush so he is willing to learn. We have had him for 3 weeks now.

Thank you so much for reading this.

Our Response

Wow Suzanne you have done amazingly well and it just goes to show how reward based positive reinforcement works and works well! You have done so well in just three weeks. Keep doing exactly what you are doing i.e. using rewards and positive reinforcement – by using these methods you are not only increasing your puppy’s confidence but he is learning to trust humans again after being so badly treated. Ok so follow the below instructions for perfect recall.

1. Purchase some really nice treats – cheese or chopped up hot dogs are really popular but it depends on what your puppy likes.

2. Now attach a long adjustable leash to your puppy and walk some distance away – you can either ask your puppy to sit and back away or just attach the leash and then walk away.

3. Now get into a crouching position – if you stand up it can be a little intimidating to a small puppy. Keep your arms wide open as if you are welcoming your puppy home.

4. Now call your puppy – use a rising inflection in your voice and make it sound happy.

5. If your puppy ignores you just gove the leash a little flick or very gentle tug – this is to remind your puppy not to scare him. Your puppy will now know where you are and will start walking towards you. Now as soon as your puppy starts to walk towards you say ‘Good Boy’ ‘Oh what a Good Boy’ – keep your voice low and have a smile on your face. As your puppy continues to walk towards you continue with your praise.

6. As soon as your puppy reaches you give him the treat and lots and lots of praise.

Hope this helps!