Training your dog to come – Pomeranian won't come to me when called

Training your dog to come – Pomeranian won’t come to me when called

by Brenda
(Perry MI)

Training your Dog to Come

Daisy won’t come to me or my husband when we call her, when I get up to pick her up she runs and hides under the couch. She will get in bed with me and play and let me love on her. She likes to go for a ride but she clings to me when I take her out. She is a Pomeranian. Please help.

Our Response

Hi and thanks for your question – training yor dog or puppy to come is quite a simple task but it needs regular practice. You should start in a quiet place so that your dog is not distracted and continue to practice.

1. Start by purchasing a bag of treats – find a treat that your dog loves as this will make it far more likely for your dog to want to come to you. Attach an adjustable leash to your dog and walk a short distance away – you could ask your dog to sit but it is not vital.

2. Crouch down on your knees as this is far less threatening to a small dog – if you stand up it might put your dog off from approaching you.

3. Now call your dog over to you and use a rising inflection in your voice as if you are happy and have a big smile on your face – all of this will make you look far more welcoming to your dog. Open your arms nice and wide as if you are welcoming your dog into your arms.

4. If your dog starts to ignore you just give the leash a little flick as this will remind her that you are wanting her to pay attention.

5. When she starts to walk towards you say ‘Good Girl’ ‘Come…come on good girl’ – make it sound as if you really want her to come to you.

6. When she reaches you give her lots of praise and a treat.

Hope this helps!