Training your Dog to Come, How to Train a Dog, How to Train a Puppy

Training your dog to come is an important dog & puppy obedience training technique so in this section we have provided the best dog training commands, techniques & methods so you can learn how to train a dog to come every-time.

By learning how to train a dog to master this basic dog training technique you will feel much safer when you are both out walking in the park.

By realizing that you have the benefit of knowing that your dog will come back to you should he run off enables you both to have the freedom of not being attached to a leash.
Quick Top Tip#

You should start this training technique when your dog is quite hungry and alert. A good way to do this is to divide your dog’s daily meal into ten separate portions and lure your dog to the feeding bowl at meal time by using the ‘Come’ command that you are about to learn.

Training your Dog to Come – Indoors

Training your dog to come

1. Start this training command by standing a few feet away from your dog.

Make sure that you are using a quiet room so that there won’t be any interruptions.

2. As we are using positive reinforcement you should have a treat in your hand. Make sure that your dog can see the treat and as he starts to walk towards you, use your ‘Come Command’.

3. As soon as your dog starts to get nearer start praising him by saying ‘Good Boy’, remember to use a happy voice and a big smile.

To really encourage your dog to continue walking towards you bend your knees and open your arms nice and wide in a welcoming position.

4. As your dog approaches you get down on your knees and and praise your dog and give him his treat.

5. Continue training your dog to come in different locations around the House so that your dog doesn’t get used to the same training place.

Training your Dog to Come – Outside


In this section you will learn how to train a dog to come to you when you are outdoors.

1. You will need a long leash for this training command a retractable leash would be a good idea.

Tie a large knot in the leash allowing about eight-ten yards so that the leash has been shortened slightly – your dog should now be able to walk about ten yards away from you -but don’t let him walk forwards yet.

2. Ask your dog to sit on your right hand side with you holding the leash in your right hand.

Now you should be holding the leash which you will drop as your dog walks away – but keeping your foot on the leash on the ground (near to the knot) so that your dog can’t run off.

3. Now release your dog so that he is still attached to the leash and gradually let the leash run through your hands as your dog walks forwards until your dog comes to the end of the line where your foot is on the leash and knot.

Don’t let your dog get tangled up in the leash as he walks forward.

4. When your dog has almost got to the end of the leash call his name in a very friendly tone and issue the ‘Come’ command – keep your foot on the leash near the knot.

5. After your dog has heard his name and the ‘Come’ command he will start walking back to you.

When your dog has got quite close – tell him he is a really ‘Good Boy’ and bend your knees and open your arms really wide so that he knows you are pleased with him.

When your dog has returned to you this is the time to play a game with him or give him his favorite toy.