Yorkie Chihuahua Shih Tzu Mix – Tearing up Everything and Being Destructive


by sandra

I have a Yorkie Chihuahua mix also mixed with a Shih Tzu and shes sweet and loving but has started tearing up stuff. She’s female and tears up everything and eats up stuff even though she’s a puppy its awful I was wondering how to make her stop eating everything and start being good and stop destroying everything. What do I do?

Our Response

Hi Sandra thanks for your question you do sound like you are having a few problems with your little pooch so I will see what I can do to cure this problem for you. It is very common for a young puppy that is teething to want to test everything with their mouth – this is how they relieve some of the pain that the teething process causes (which occurs from about 3 months on). The process of teething is not a pleasant experience for a young puppy and to alleviate the pain a puppy will constantly need to chew on any object that relives the pain. If your puppy is tearing up paper – say ‘No’ and redirect her attention to something else like a favorite toy. When a puppy is learning she will need to be supervised regularly – this will involve using a crate to house your puppy when you are not able to see her. Another good and very simple method is to remove any paper or object that is just too tempting for your puppy.

I would advise that you go to your local pet store and purchase a Raw Hide bone – this will divert your puppy’s attention and relive some of the pain that the teething is causing. We also recommend hollow bones that can be filled with a really nice treat so that it takes some time for your puppy to reach the treat inside. This is a great method and will keep your puppy occupied for hours.

Hope this helps