Yorkie puppy won't go Potty with Harness or Leash on


by Leslie
(Austin, TX)


Hello, I am a first time puppy mom and just got a Yorkie puppy (Peanut) a week ago who is 14 weeks old now. He was almost completely potty trained when I got him! I finally found a harness that fits him last night and he has been wearing it today but now he will not go to the bathroom with it on. I walked him around the yard with the leash for a very long time with no success so I decided to just let him loose and thought maybe he needed to get used to going with the harness on before the leash as well. Still no success. It has now been 9.5 hours since he last did his business and I’m worried about his little bladder and rectum.

When he does start sniffing around the yard like he is about to go, he gets distracted by the harness and tries to get it off or by leaves, grass, weeds, etc that normally distract him and make him want to play. Should I leave the harness on and keep trying since he has to go eventually or should I take it off and let him go without it since it has been so long since he last relieved himself? Help!

I have many more questions but will save those for a separate entry.

Thanks for your time,

Our Rseponse

Hi Leslie – dont panic you can ask as many questions as you like and as many times as you like.

Normally Leslie I would say keep the harness on and have play-time after Peanut has been but in this situation I would say take it off and let him have a pee or poop in his own time. After Peanut has been give him lots of praise. Remember it is very very early days and there is plenty of time for him to get used to the harness. When he has been then put the harness back on and take him back inside. Keep practicing and gradually get him used to the harness.

And it is very very early days so you can have a bit of fun – try the harness another day.

All the best