Applehead Miniature Chihuahua Potty Training

I have an Applehead Miniature Chihuahua and live in an apartment. I want to permanently train her to use a potty pad indoors for full time use. She will only get to be about 6 pounds at max and she doesn’t usually go outside. She seemed to be doing really well in her first few weeks of life and now it seems at 4 months she is going backwards. She will not get near her pad and I’m wondering what happened to have this occur. What can I do….My carpet needs you!!!

Our Response

Thanks so much for your question and I will do my best to help you and your Carpet out!! I get so many questions around the 4-6 month age it seems this is the time when a new puppy feels he or she wants to test the boundaries with a new thirst for knowledge, training and of course start to show signs of sexual maturity. It is very common for a 4-6 month old puppy to take a step back in the obedience training process. With a female puppy it is also common for behavioral changes especially during estrus – especially insecure, erratic, subdued and even aggressive behavior.

It seems your beloved puppy has forgotten where she is supposed to pee or poop and you will need to start again in the potty training process. My initial feelings are that this is temporary and your puppy will soon regain her previous knowledge. However, lets start again…

1. Start by keeping a close eye on your puppy – close supervision is really important as you can reinforce positive behavior and ignore negative behavior. Try using the umbilical chord method – attach a leash to your puppy and where you go make sure your puppy follows – this way you can catch her in the act. Tuck the leash in your belt or jeans – when your puppy shows signs that she is about to potty – pick her up or take her to the potty area – say ‘Potty Time’ and place her on the ‘Pad’ as soon as she is about to potty say ‘Go Potty’ and give her lots of praise and a treat when she has done her business. Practice this daily and keep a close eye on your puppy.

2. You can also use a Crate – this is a great potty training tool – by using a Crate you can supervise your puppy all the time and it will stop her peeing or pooping around the House.

3. It is always a good idea to use the same area where your puppy can pee or poop – however in this case move the pad and try somewhere different as this will move the association that your puppy may have with that area.

4. Whenever you see your puppy potty on the pad give her lots and lots of praise – really make a big deal of it as you want your puppy to feel really special and that she has really made you happy.

5. Start keeping a schedule of when your puppy is more likely to pee or poop – keep a log and take your puppy to the pad during these times – this could be straight after waking, eating, drinking or before bed.

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