Beagle and pug mix – lots of information on this wonderful mixed breed.

Appearance and Description… The Beagle and Pug mix (Puggle) normally weigh anywhere from 15 up to 30 pounds and can grow to a height of about 10 up to 15 inches.

So what exactly is a Puggle…? The Puggle is not surprisingly a Beagle and Pug mix with the breed actually originating from the state of Wisconsin in the US where a man called Wallace Havens began experimenting by mixing various crossbreeds. He was the first dog breeder to actually register the Puggle with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) and started to breed Puggles for money on a much larger scale in the year 2000.

– Their colors can vary but most commonly they are colored fawn but you can get black Puggles, black and white and even fawn and brown.

– Due to the fact that they are a crossbreed each dog can vary in appearance depending on whether it has taken more of the Pug traits or more of the Beagle traits. It is not uncommon for a Beagle and Pug mix to have what is considered an under bite which would have been inherited from the Pug side of the family genes.

– Puggles that are from the second generation have quite a broad snout similar to a pure bred Beagle and they also have droopy ears.

– Again depending on which traits are inherited their tail is normally the same length as a Beagle but curls up similar to a Pug.

– Although some hybrids may have a longer snout some may have the same size snout as a pure bred Pug

Are Puggles predisposed to any health problems…?

The Beagle and Pug mix are not actually likely to be any less healthy than their pure bred parents but in both pure bred Beagles and Pugs they can suffer from some of the following health problems that may get passed down to the hybrid puppy including Cherry eye, epilepsy, luxating patella, skin infections and back problems.

Due to the small snout of the Pug and because they are a brachycephalic breed Puggles don’t like to be exposed to hot weather and can be more intolerant of extreme temperatures.

Also depending on whether your Beagle and Pug Mix puppy has inherited more of the Pug genes than the Beagle genes (such as short snouth) this can lead to respiratory problems sometimes leading to snorting, wheezing and snoring.

If however your dog has inherited more of the Beagle genes and has a longer snout he is much less likely to suffer from these problems. Unfortunately due to the Puggles high energy levels inherited from the Beagle, if a short snout is present this may exacerbate any respiratory problems.

Of course if you choose the right parentage you may be able to avoid these problems.

Does this mixed breed have a good temperament…?

Puggles do actually require quite a allot of exercise, they can also be a very independent dog which may lead to obedience training problems, so remain fair, consistent and always the strong pack leader (don’t be a push over) and training will be fine as they are also quite eager to please their owners.

It is not unusual for owners to come home from work and find that their dog has dug some holes in the back garden. They are also prone to howling and have a tendency to run off if they catch a good scent – this is the hound traits inherited from the Beagle.

Puggles may sometimes be independent but they also love to be around the family, they are also good with children. They are quite prone to licking and do need allot of attention and contact with the family so if you are out of the House allot this may not be the right dog for you.

Grooming and Maintenance…

Due to their short coat they are quite low maintenance. They will need to have their nails clipped, be bathed and have their ears and teeth cleaned fairly regularly though.

The Beagle and Pug mix often have wrinkles around the eyes so you may find that your dog needs to have his eyes cleaned regularly due to the discharge forming under the eyes and around the wrinkles.

Puggles just like their parents will shed quite allot of hair and they are not hypoallergenic so may not be good for people with allergies. Consequently brush your dog regularly with a good hair or fur removing brush so you can collect any excess hair.

Why not check out this excellent website for more information on the Beagle and Pug Mix.