Bullmastiff Dog Pictures, Free Mastiff Puppies Info, Brindle

On this page we have provided a few Bullmastiff dog pictures and some free info on Bull Mastiff puppies…

Whether they come in the color brindle, red or with white patches this breed are one the most loyal breeds a family could ever own….

So read on for all our great facts, advice and information on this wonderful breed.

History of the Breed – As you can see from any amount of Bullmastiff dog pictures on the Internet or in books, they are a big dog! The breed were actually originally bred to bring down and contain poachers and were bred by English gamekeepers during the 1800’s to help support the work of gamekeepers and keep an eye on their estates and guard against poachers.

It was recommended as pure bred dog by the English Kennel Club back in 1924. However, it wasn’t until 133-34 when the American Kennel Club recognized the first standard for the breed.

Appearance – Males are capable of growing to a height of 25 up to 27 inches (63 – 69 cm) and a weight ranging from 110 up to 133 pounds (50-60 kg). The female will grow to a height of about 24 up to 36 inches (61-66 cm) and weigh from 100 pounds up to 120 pounds (45-54 kg).

It is however unwise for breeders to breed a dog bigger than these dimensions as it will make the dog too cumbersome and not able to perform the job they were bred to do.

Color – As you can see in our Bullmastiff dog pictures they can come in fawn but are mostly described as being brindle or red. If you see any Bullmastiff dog pictures with any white markings on the body they are not considered a ‘true’ Bullmastiff, although white markings are allowed on the chest area.

Temperament and Training – Bullmastiffs should be docile in nature but also have confidence. They are loyal to the family, loving and calm – this breed will become very and we mean very attached to the family that owns and cares for them.

Although this breed are good with children it is important that you socialize your Bullmastiff with the children, other animal and experience from an early age as this will help the training process and limit any possible problems.

Don’t ever leave this breed with children unsupervised (this is the same with all dogs) mainly due their size and the risk of accidents occurring.

Due to their history this breed are very independent and like making their own decisions but if you remain fair, consistent and a strong pack leader your Bullmastiff will look to you as the leader for permission before he action his inbuilt instincts., so you need to be ready to anticipate your dog’s every move.

As long as you start obedience training from an early age and ask all members of the family to use the same commands for each chosen task this will make the obedience training much more easy for you and your dog.

Health Problems – This breed are prone to a number of health problems mainly due to hereditary diseases including…
Elbow DysplasiaHip DysplasiaEntropionArthritisDog BloatLymphoma (cancer)HydrothyroidismProgressive Retinal Atrophy Life Span – As you can see from the Bullmastiff dog pictures their big and don’t stop growing until they are two and a half years old. They generally don’t live to a ripe old age with most living to 8-11 years of age.

Bullmastiff Puppies – It’s important that when purchasing puppies that they do grow – it’s very easy to look at the size of a small puppy and think that it will stay that small.

If you are going to purchase some puppies consider the following…

  • Is your House big enough?
  • Can you afford the Vet bills?
  • Can you afford the food bills?
  • What is your personal situation i.e. we mean are you delicate and have back problems what happens when your puppies get older and they jump up?
  • Can you afford medications?
  • Are the living conditions appropriate for small puppies?
  • Do you have small children that can be trusted around small puppies?
  • Can you afford the grooming bill?