Choosing a Dog for Family, Best Dog for Children, Best Dog Breeds

When choosing a dog for family or even the best dog breeds for children, you need to take into consideration numerous factors.

1.How big is your House and do you have enough room for a large breed of dog?

2.Remember that children can be quite rough with dogs and puppies so do you feel that you are able to closely supervise your children and your dogs?

3.Children and dogs or even puppies should never be left alone as you can never truly trust your beloved pet or your children for that matter.

4.When choosing a dog for family or the best dog breed for children you need to choose a dog that has lots of energy and can put up with being stroked and constantly loved – but not so much energy that he can become over excited.

5.Dogs and children need to be trained to live together so that they can live in harmony. Remember that a dog or puppy can’t talk so may show his displeasure in other ways.

Choosing a Dog for Family

Below we have listed what we consider the top five best dog breeds to consider when choosing a dog for family and children.

  • Golden Retriever – One of the best dog breeds to have around a family of young children as they have lots of energy are very loyal and loving.
  • West Highland Terrier – Although these dog breeds can bark at noises they are fantastic around children who are slightly older.

    We would not recommend this dog breed for children under 11 or even 10 years of age as they can lack tolerance.

  • Irish Setter – One of our favorites and a delightful breed of dog.

    They are one of the best dog breeds for children and families as they are so easy to please.

    They do however have a coat that is easy to grab – and needs some grooming.

  • Schnauzer -A great dog that loves to be around the family. They like lots of exercise and need some grooming. This is a family dog that needs to be kept with the family.
  • Labrador Retriever – This dog has lots of energy and does need lots of exercise. They love water and kids and can become utterly devoted to the family.


For more information on choosing a dog or deciding which is the best dog breed for children, check out the links and also our page on dogs and children.

You are Responsible

It is important to remember that when choosing a dog for your family, under the law you have ultimate responsibility for your dog in whatever he does.

If you haven’t used adequate obedience training or your dog is being difficult you may encounter problems such as unintentional damage of property, biting people or other dogs, messing on pavements etc.

But as previously mentioned the buck stops with you.

Consequently when choosing a dog or dog breed you need to remember what you are personally able to cope with.

By understanding the breed that you have chosen and your dog’s individual personality you will be able to anticipated or puppy behavior problems and make you aware of situations that maybe best avoided when out with your dog or puppy.

Choosing a Dog for Family

A Dog costs Money

Remember when choosing a dog for family that all dogs cost money and this can really mount up over the year.

We are often asked questions about treating a dog with a particular problem – we are not Vets and advise all dog owners to ask there Vet – but the owner sometimes state that they are unable to take their dog to the Vet as they cannot afford the bill. We always respond to this question with the same answer every-time – If you can’t afford to take your dog to the Vet you should not have purchased the dog in the first place.

This may sound a little harsh and of course personal circumstances can change quickly but by thinking things through before getting your dog or puppy could stop many dogs going to places such as The Dogs Trust.

The costs of keeping a dog varys from breed to breed with mixed breeds normally being the least expensive. Below we have given a quick and approximate guide to some of the costs associated with owning a dog or puppy.

Costs associated with owning a Dog

Approximate cost of owning a dog with everything below included varys between $700-3000.

This doesn’t take into account the actual purchase price of the dog or puppy which varies between $500 – 2000.

  • Food & Treats: $250 – 700
  • Toys: $25 – 150
  • Dog or Puppy Bed/Beds: $50 – 200
  • Dog Collars & Leashes:$20 – 50
  • Dog Grooming: $30 – 500
  • Vet Care & Bills: This can vary – $100 – 300
  • Supplements and Medication to prevent, heart worm, fleas etc: $100 – 300
  • Dog Obedience Training Classes: $25 – 300
  • Boarding and Pet Sitters: $100 – 300 – This can be a very unexpected and costly element of owing a dog e.g boarding your dog in some dog kennels in the UK can be as much as £17.00 per dog.


Quick Tip: Remember when you have a dog to take in incidental costs that you haven’t accounted for.

Why not take a look at one of our partner sites at dogs are they have dedicated a whole site to choosing a dog breed and how you can introduce your new dog or puppy to the family – it’s well worth a visit!