Cute Chihuahua Names, Girl & Boy Dog Names, Mini

Some Cute Chihuahua Names

cute chihuahua names

A complete list of some of our favorite cute chihuahua names including girl and boy dog names… Deciding on what to call your dog can be a very difficult decision, of course it often depends on your dog’s individual character, size and specific traits.Just because we find them so completely adorable we have also provided some very cute pictures of little puppies including the deer head mini Chihuahua for you to go arrgh and all gooey over!!

Some Girl Boy Dog Names

Atom Peanuts Doodle Fiddle Bits Angel
Bambi Gumdrop Yoda Spock Mini Midget
Bonsai Bunny Buttercup Elf Squirt Cuddles
Pumpkin Monkey Fifi Tinkerbell Slim Squirt
Stinker Lugger Proton Gumdrop Honey Pygmy
Yip-Yap Minnie-me Nick-Nack Goldfinger Bruno Blofeld
Bruno Rambo Bandit Oliver Samson Roxy
Gladiator Rocky Oscar Delilah Gizmo Ace
Genghis Shark Dr
Grace Jabba Andre
Sophie Zing Misty Rachel Rosie Speedy
Zoe Buster Ginger Molly Boxer Juan
Martina Clint Gonzo Mr
Pocket-Rocket Napoleon
Moe Max Cracker Jose Wellington Tish
Precious Jeremy Beetle Mr
Missy Beckie

Cute Pictures of Chihuahuas

cute chihuahua names pictures of chihuahuas pictures of chihuahuas

How cute are those pictures of chihuahuas!

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