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Dog Barking Training

Dog Barking Training…
On this page you will learn the best free dog and puppy training tips for dog barking control so that you can learn how to train a puppy and dog to bark on command…this will make your pooch an excellent guard dog…

Ok to when training a dog or puppy to bark you will need a leash, a post, a toy and some treats.

Some Top Techniques, methods, commands & advice…

dog barking training

  • Attach a leash to your dog and put the leash around a secure post.
  • Stand 1 meter away in from of your dog and hold a toy – gently tease your dog with the toy.
  • When your dog starts to bark give him the toy and some praise.
  • Give the ‘Speak’ command every-time he barks and then give him the toy.
  • Learn to anticipate when your dog is about to ‘speak’ or bark as the timing is very important.

Now you have trained your dog to be bark you need to train him to be quite.

When your dog is barking – you should still be in front of him and he should still be attached to the leash and post.

  • Now ask your dog to be quiet – time it right when he stops barking ask him to be quiet and give him a treat and his toy.
  • Practice this exercise every-day until he barks and is quiet on command.

Congratulations, you have mastered some very useful techniques to make your pooch bark and be quiet on your command.

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