Facts about Golden Retrievers & History of the Breed

History of the Breed

The History of the breed goes back to the 1800’s when the Golden Retriever was bred to hunt and retrieve small game for their owners. The breed was first registered with the AKC or The American Kennel Club in 1925.

There are a variety of theories relating to the history of the breed. Some people think that the breed originates from New Foundland and even from a Retriever that had a black wavy coat that produced offspring with yellow and gold coats.

Facts about Golden Retrievers

Facts about Golden Retrievers


Size and Build

This breed can grow to about 60 cm (24 inches) high and can weigh up to about 30 kg (66 pounds). Their skull should be well proportioned and have an almost rectangular appearance. The muzzle comes to an abrupt stop with ears that lie flat to the head.


Appearance and Description…


The Golden Retriever has a beautiful yellow, gold or creme colored coat that can be straight or wavy. The coat is quite thick and will need regular brushing and grooming so that it keeps it’s glossy appearance.

Brushing and grooming your dog should involve you checking his eyes, ears, nails, feet and teeth as this will not only help to keep your dog in optimum health but will also help you to spot any health problems before they come serious.


Health Problems…


All dogs can have health problems at some point in their lives and there are hundreds of possible causes and symptoms that may affect your dog. The most common health problems to affect Golden retrievers include…

  • Eye problems are relatively common in this breed.
  • This breed can also be susceptible to seizures and epilepsy
  • Hip problems can also occur – this is commonly referred to as hip dysplasia.

Gundog Information…

The Golden Retriever is a member of the Gundog group which is also sub-divided into groups including Retrievers, Setters and also Pointers.

  • Dogs that are members of the Gundog group were bred to be good around people and were specifically bred to hunt and retrieve game for their owners.
  • This breed are perfectly adapted to work in water, land and in wooded areas.
  • This breed are often used by their owners to retrieve game after it has been shot, killed or wounded. They are also trained to use a soft mouth so that they don’t damage the game after it has been retrieved.
  • This breed are also excellent at retrieving water fowl as they have a thick coat with a water proof under coat and webbed feet which makes them excellent in water.
  • This breed do like to be kept busy and needs regular exercise. If you live in a small Flat or Apartment and are away from home for long periods of time then this breed may not be right for you. A House with lots of land or access to land is ideal for this breed.


Facts about Golden Retrievers

Behavior & Training

Learning how to train a Golden Retriever is much easier than you think due to to their intelligence and eagerness to learn. They are highly intelligent (one of the most intelligent dog breeds) which makes them much easier than other dogs in all aspects of dog obedience training.

  • Golden Retrievers are excellent with other dogs and can be trusted when you introduce them to other dogs when out for a walk. However, as with all dog breeds you should start socialization as early as possible and with as many new experiences as possible.
  • This breed are also good with children and can be considered trustworthy around kids – although we should advise you that you should never leave dogs unaccompanied around small children.
  • Golden Retrievers are considered relatively quiet dogs and are not considered particularly over protective or destructive around the House.

For more information on training a Golden Retriever take a look at the videos above and this e-book that has been produced by Daniel Stevens is also a useful guide.