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Getting Rid of Ticks

Getting rid of ticks…

Learn how to get rid contol of all kinds and types of ticks on your dogs, puppies, pets or your back yard, using natural tick repellent, spray…read our top tips on the current best tick or prevention repellent….

whether it’s advantage vs frontline – home removal has never been easier…So lets get started…

  • Advantix – This is quite a new product and excellent at killing ticks and fleas – it also acts as a repellent and should be applied every two weeks. It is water proof but toxic to other pets like cats. It comes in the following sizes depending how large your dog is:
  • Advantage – we have negotiated for our readers to. This fast acting repellent should be applied monthly – but should only be used for killing fleas – it is not for killing ticks! It will stop fleas from biting in 5 minutes and will leave 98% of fleas and larvae dead within the 12 hours.
  • Frontline Plus – This is an excellent preventative product that should be applied between your dog’s shoulder blades and is excellent at killing ticks on contact. This comes in the following packs depending on the size of your dog:
  • This product is not very effective if you are aiming to kill larvae or nymphs which is the early stage in  the tick life cycle.
  • Permoxin – This is one of the best products at killing adult ticks and also the early stages in their life cycle – a good choice.
  • This product offers a three week protection against paralysis ticks.
  • Tick Collars lare perfectly adequate. Although these collars are quite cheap and can be reasonably effective at preventing nymphs, larvae and seeds from attaching themselves to dogs – sometimes the strong smell can be a negative and not great if you have young children or other dogs that may get the collar caught up.
  • Probon – This is a one tablet a day insecticide for every 10 kg of weight. It should never be used in conjunction with a collar. This is a good preventative repellent and fine to use if your dog swims allot.

If you have any concerns or worries about your dog, puppy or pets ask your vet for advice and don’t use any product without first consulting your vet for advice.

Getting Rid of Ticks from the Yard

  • Make sure that the grass is regularly cut and that you have removed any debris or high ground where the parasite can hide.
  • A really good natural repellent for preventing the parasites from becoming a problem is basil mixed with water and then used as a spray in the yard.
  • A really good way of getting rid of ticks at the very early stages in their life cycle is to remove their food source or host such as small mammals like mice. A really great product to do this is Eco Health Damminix Lyme Control Packs – these little packs attract mice who then take them back to use as building material – the packs then release a poison which kills the parasites without killing the mice.

We hope you found our guide to getting rid of ticks useful, but please remember that it is only a guide for you to follow after you have received expert advice.

The most important thing to remember is the safety of your dog or puppy so try and always use preventative measures such as common sense like avoiding walking your dog or puppy in long grass and supervising your dog when he is out in the playing in the yard.

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