Greyhound Dog Pictures, Miniature Italian Greyhound

Greyhound Dog Pictures



greyhound dog pictures

Lots of greyhound dog pictures and information on the miniature italian greyhound.

We happen to be a little biased towards this breed as we own one…and they are one of the cutest and most loyal breeds you could ever own…

Greyhound Dog Pictures

greyhound dog pictures

Greyhound Facts

Size – This breed grow to about 69-76 cm or 27 – 30 inches in height

Weight  – The Greyhound will normally weigh about 27-32 kg or 60-20 1bs.

Lifespan – This breed can live between ten and twelve years of age.

Appearance – This breed tend to have a long and flat skull. They have strong and very powerful jaws. Not surprisingly due their massive speed this breed also have long and quite straight forelegs and muscular hindquarters.

Color – This breed vary in colors ranging from black, white, fawn, brindle with these colors also mixing with white.

Character – As mentioned before this breed are very affectionate, even tempered, gentle and loyal to their owners.

Are they suitable as pets? – This breed make excellent pets as they are relaxed and don’t need as much exercise as you may think. They are however not very good with cats.


Italian Greyhound

The Miniature Italian Greyhound

greyhound dog pictures


  • The miniature Italian greyhound will weigh in at allot less than the 8 pounds +  that the fully grown adult will weigh. The coat is smooth and will often have a glossy quite radient shine as you can see in the picture above.
  • The miniature Italian greyhound was bred to be small and can be seen as far back as Egyptian times.
  • It was initially bred during Roman times and held a special place at Royal court in later times.
  • The miniature Italian greyhound was seen as a lap dog and became the precursor to what we now class as pet dogs.
  • This variety has had some very famous owners in the past including Mary Queen of Scots and Anne of Denmark.
  • During the 19th century this variety were breed so be some small that it would now be considered grotesque – the resulting dog would often be sterile.
  • Now the breeding of Italian greyhounds has become more stable with many owners choosing to own this breed due to their fantastic nature.

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