Miniature Yorkshire Terriers, Health, Teacup Terrier Puppies

A complete guide to miniature teacup yorkshire terriers & puppies including tips on their health and common health problems.

We have also provided some advice and guidence on the popular yorkie terrier shih tzu mix…

  • Miniature YorkshireTerriers are often described as baby, mini, tiny or teacup but thiscasts a wide net as one breeder may describe a small yorkie under theweight of 3 pounds as a teacup with another breeder describing aslightly bigger yorkie over 3 pounds also as a teacup or mini.
  • Yorkshire Terriers areclassed by the AKC as members of the toy group with ‘Standard’ showdogs normally weighing between 5-7 pounds – although this is the AKCweight as some breeders class ‘Standard’ yorkies as weighing from 4-8pounds. Mini yorkies are normally considered mini whenthey weigh 4 pounds or under.
  • It is generallyaccepted by breeders that there are two types of yorkie – the standardand mini variety. However some breeders don’t accept this andbelieve that they are not separate breeds.
  • The worry for somebreeders, owners and dog lovers (we include ourselves here) is thatunder developed yorkies are sometimes classed as a miniature.
  • If you are interestedin purchasing a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier you will need to ask theowner or breeder whether the dog is fully grown., because if youpurchase a mini yorkie and it then grows it may then be classed astandard size.
  • Mini yorkies are oftenquite mischievous and love to jump around and play. They love childrenand are quite fast learners, although they can be quite assertive andvery energetic. For a small breed they generally considered to have anexcellent temperament.

Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix

  • The yorkie shih tzu mixis not surprisingly a mixture of yorkie and shih tzu. They are oftencalled a Shortie or Shorties.
  • These dogs normallyweigh from 4-9 pounds and they can come in a mixture of colors.
  • They have quite anindependent character are quite playful, intelligent, lovable and alsovery sociable.
  • Grooming is neededfairly regularly as their coat can tangle when it is long.
  • Training yorkshireterriers is relatively easy and is no more difficult with the yorkieshih tzu mix.
  • Exercise for theyorkie shih tzu mix can include long or short walks