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Potty Training a Puppy

Learn how to potty train your puppy and cure any common problems.

potty training a puppy

Potty training a puppy & potty training a dog can be easy…

In this section learn the best free puppy potty training tips to make potty training puppies and adult older dogs fast and easy.

Potty training puppies is one of the first aspects of puppy training where some owners can come unstuck.

The actual process of puppy potty training is not actually that difficult if you and your family are consistent and remain patient and realistic.

Of course your puppy is going to have the odd accident until his bladder gets stronger – but it is up to you as the owner and trainer to closely supervise your dog and anticipate when accidents are more likely to happen.

Read this page and learn how to potty train your puppy and also cure any common problems.

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Top Tips – Potty Training a Puppy

Potty training a puppy is one of the most important aspects of house training and is normally the first aspect of training a new owner will need to master.

Below we have provided some really top tips to help speed up the potty training process.

  1. Not all breeds are the same when it comes to puppy potty training as some breeds are easier to train than others.It is always best to do your research before you purchase your puppy.If you know that you may not have the time to devote to puppy housebreaking choose a breed that is easer to house train.
  2. Take your time when choosing a dog and look at each breed.Ask the breeder questions – a good breeder will always be happy to help.If you would like more information on choosing a dog breed then check out our section on the best dog breeds
  3. Individual puppies vary in how quickly they are potty trained. If you own two pups they may learn at different speeds.
  4. Remember that a puppy does not know the difference between a brand new carpet and an old carpet – so don’t be unrealistic in your expectations – he is still a baby.
  5. When you are choosing a dog or puppy a good breeder should have already started potty training their puppy.
  6. It is important that you confine your puppy to a crate when you are unable to supervise him, this will stop any accidents happening around the House.
  7. Feed your puppy a decent brand of dog food – ask your vet for advice – but remember they may also be recommending their own product.Dry dog food is a popular choice as it keeps a puppy’s poop more solid.
  8. If you have an area where you can keep the crate that has tiles instead of a carpet this will keep smells at bay and save your carpet.Be careful though as you should always keep the crate near the whole family.If you place the crate far away from the family he may develop behavior problems and nervous behavior.
  9. When potty training a puppy it is important that you feed him at the same time everyday.This will enable you to anticipate when he is more likely to want to toilet.Make sure that you eat before your dog so that he knows you are more dominant within the pack and are the alpha male.
  10. If you are feeding your puppy dry dog food he will need plenty of water. Always make sure that he has enough but take away any water two hours before he goes to bed, and only feed your puppy four hours before his bed and no later.
  11. Make sure that you potty your puppy after every meal, after he has been active, last thing at night, first thing in the morning and after he has woken up from a sleep.Take him to the toileting area outside and follow the process that we have outlined below.
  12. Only play with your puppy after he has done his business.If he doesn’t go when he is outside take him back inside and put him in his crate for ten – fifteen minutes and then take him back outside again.Reward and praise your puppy if he does his business outside.

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Potty Training a Puppy

A Step by Step Guide.

Below we have provided a step by step guide to potty training a puppy.

  1. Attach a dog leash to your puppy so that you are in control – you don’t want your puppy to run off.
  2. As we are using positive reinforcement it is important that you take some treats outwith you – so that you can reward your puppy when he has behaved.
  3. Now it is time to take your puppy outside – use a training cue such as ‘Toilet Time’ or something similar – keep it short and simple and make sure that the whole family use the same cue.
  4. Watch for your puppy doing the pre-potty dance i.e. sniffing the ground and walking around in circles.When you see your puppy about to get into the potty position – use your training cue ‘Go Potty’.
  5. After he has done his business make sure that you give him lots of praise and one of the treats.

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