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Puppy Obedience Training

In this section learn free puppy obedience training tips, techniques, methods and dog training commands, such as stay and fetch and training your dog to come.

Training your puppy to stay.

When puppy obedience training – normally the next step after training your puppy to sit is then training your puppy to stay.

1. You need to first start the obedience training with regards to the command by using the “stay” “sit” (that you have just learned) command with your puppy – so that he is sitting directly in front of you.

2.You should sit or stand (I find sitting better as it is less imposing) in front of your puppy – and then place the palm of your hand in front of him and say stay in a short sharp but friendly manner remember your aim is not to frighten him.

3. After you have said the command you should step away leading with your right foot.

4. Take only a couple of steps away from your puppy and again repeat the stay command – you can repeat this dog training command twice.

5. After you have repeated the stay command twice – you can then take the two steps forward so that you are in the same place where you started initially.

6. Now you are back standing directly in front of your puppy – give him a treat and lots of praise – you now need to move your puppy so that he knows he is not been playing but learning.

7. Continue this training until you feel your puppy is obedient and is understanding exactly what you are training.

8. After a period of time and depending on  how the training has progressed you can start increasing the distances, so that he has to stay for longer periods of time and at a greater distance.

Training your puppy to ‘COME’

Puppy Obedience Training – The ‘Come’ Command

This is one of the most simple commands as you are asking your puppy to come – and then he is going to get a reward – its a no brainer really!

1. Crouch down on the floor and call your puppy by using his name – keep your arms open and call him towards you.

2. When your puppy has come – then hold his collar and reward him – with a treat and lots of attention.

3. If you want to do this outside then you can use other members of your family to restrain him – and gradually increase the distance – on and off the lead.

For more information on this check out our section on training your dog to come.

Puppy Obedience Training ‘FETCH’


You can start teaching your puppy to fetch after you have brought him home.  All breeds can be taught to fetch and it will help add an extra fun element when you are walking your puppy.

You can start this phase of puppy obedience training by throwing his favorite toy and saying fetch as you throw it.

You may need to do this a few times to get your puppy’s attention.

When your puppy has picked up the toy, call him back and use a verbal command such as ‘drop’ and then give him his treat and lots of praise. You will be able to stop using a treat after a few times as the fun of the game and the praise will be reward enough for your puppy.