Shih Tzu Grooming Styles, Haircuts for Shih Tzu, Cuts

There are a variety of different Shih Tzu grooming styles that dog owners go for.

The most common style is for owners to use clippers to shave their dog’s body which will leave the body the same length all over.

This is obviously one of the easiest styles but not the prettiest.

Consequently we have provided the best tips for the best hair cut for your Shih Tzu….

Shih Tzu Grooming Styles

The Puppy Hair Cut or Trimmed Down Style

  1. Start by using a clipper to trim and cut the hair on both side of your dog’s body.
  2. You should start this cut by focusing on the legs first – trim the hair to the length you want and make sure that you use a pin brush to remove any tangles.
  3. Now start cutting the hair on the ears to give them a rounded appearance.
  4. Now use a pair of scissors to get the hair looking nice and round.
  5. Get some blunt ended scissors and trim the hair around your dog’s eyes.
  6. Finally trim the mustache and clan and clip their nails.

The Full Coat

  • The full coat is the style that owners often use when they show their dogs in competitions.
  • The full coat is when the ears and hair are allowed to grow to their full and natural length.
  • Owners will often use a rubber band to put the hair on top of the head into a top knot so that it keeps the hair our of the dog’;s eyes.
  • Out of all the shih tzu grooming styles this is the one that needs the most maintenance.

Teddy Bear Face

The teddy bear face cut is one of those shih tzu grooming styles that is very very cute.

  • This hair cut is when your pooch has had his body cut or clipped at the same length all over. The face and head are left at their normal length with the ears cut shorter. A very easy and cute style to maintain.

Shih Tzu Grooming Styles


  • Shih Tzus need regular grooming and frequent brushing otherwise their coat will become tangled and matted.
  • It is important before you cut your dog’s hair that you give them a good bath and wait for the coat to dry.
  • It is always a good idea to brush your dog’s hair when it is still slightly damp – you can either do this through a bath or by spraying the coat with a water spray – it will make the brushing much easier.
  • Start by brushing your dog’s hair all the way back – start with the feet, legs and then work upwards until you reach the tummy then back..
  • Don’t pull at the tangles and use your hands and fingers to loosen any nasty tangles. Tangles are more common on the neck and around the ears.


  • Start by putting a non-slip rubber mat on the bath;s floor to stop your dog slipping.
  • Bath your dog in luke warm water and use a good shampoo – don’t rub the shampoo in as this will cause matting.
  • Bath the head first and use a no-tear baby shampoo – don’t get the shampoo in the nose or eyes if possible.
  • A really good tip is to put a drop of mineral oil in your dog’s eyes before you bath him as this will help to avoid any irritation.
  • Now only use a towel to dry any leftover moisture then use a hair dryer to finish the drying brushing your dog at the same time to stop any tangles forming.
  • Bath your dog once a week.

Cleaning the Eyes and Ears

  • Your dog;s eyes should be cleaned and checked regularly as they have a habit of attracting dust and stray hairs.
  • Use a warm damp cloth to clean the inside corners of their eyes – you can purchase some eye drops and cleaning supplies from your vet.
  • Use a cotton ball that has been dropped in mineral oil to clean the ears and then use a dry cotton ball to dry the ears.
  • This breed have hair that grows out of their ears – you should keep a close eye on these hairs as they can attract bacteria and can cause health problems – you will need to remove the hair you can do this pain free by purchasing some ear powder which you apply to the ears before plucking out any hairs.

Nail Clipping

  • Your dog’s nails should be clipped every one or two weeks but this obviously depends on your individual dog.
  • Start by purchasing a really good set of nail clippers and then clip the nails at the point where the nails start to hook over – do not cut the quick – this is the part of the nail that is pink.
  • If you do cut the the nail too far down and bleeding does occur you could use some styptic powder to stop the bleeding.