Should I Breed My Dog, Best Dog Breed for Me, Match

Breeding dogs started many years ago – in fact shortly after dogs were first domesticated owners probably started breeding them – about 10,000 and up to 35,000 years ago!

Man probably initially started using dogs to hunt and kill prey for them to eat (and dogs were more effective at it). After realizing how useful certain dogs were for certain tasks man probably started breeding them selectively from the best stock. By selectively breeding each dog for specific tasks certain traits can be enhanced or reduced – it might be for hunting, guarding, pulling sledges, rescuing or herding.

We are often asked should I breed my dog as it seems a really easy way to make money and an extra income – below are the things that you need to consider before you even begin to consider breeding dogs either for financial gain or for other reasons.

Although breeding dogs can be a very rewarding experience you really need to consider after paying all the vet bills, potential health problems (as many pedigree dogs have inherited health problems), food bills and the room you will need to have a house or flat full of puppies. Bear in mind that most people who start breeding dogs for financial gain fail due to a lack of experience and understanding of all the factors involved when breeding dogs.

Should I Breed my Dog? Advice and Guidance

  • Always undertake any breeding of dogs after you have spoken to to your vet or an expert who has bred before.
  • Always wait until your female dog is fully mature – she will normally reach full maturity around twelve months of age.
  • Always take your female dog to the vet to have her booster injections (vaccinations) before she is going to conceive and also make sure she is wormed a week before she is due to mate.
  • If you think that your female dog has actually mated too soon or even with the wrong male – then you can take her to the vets so that she can be given an injection to stop the pregnancy developing. This will need to be done within 24-48 hours of mating.
  • A pregnancy will normally last for sixty three days – make sure you monitor and feed her well – she should also be given regular but short periods of exercise and a very well balanced diet. If you have any worries speak to your vet.
  • Before you breed your dog contact the breeder of your dog (who you purchased your dog from) and the vet to find a suitable mate.
  • If you are planning on producing pedigree puppies make sure that the parents are registered with the Kennel Club (whether this is in the UK or US).
  • If you are using a Stud dog to breed with your female dog – make sure that the Stud is experienced enough.
  • Before you start breeding do some research – make sure that you understand everything about your dog (the breeds background and history). This is vital mainly because some breeds are more predisposed to genetic health problems – so breeding with another dog with the same problems could result in more problems.
  • Look at the history of your breed – are there any whelping problems as this could lead to future problems – do your research.

Should I Breed my Dog? Things to Consider…

  • Do you have enough money to pay all the bills associated with breeding dogs?
  • Do you have enough time to devote to dog breeding?
  • Do you work all day? Are you able to devote the time a pregnant female dog needs?
  • Do you have children – young puppies are easily injured through bad handling.
  • Do you have a garden? Are you able to devote the time needed for exercise?
  • Do you have room?
  • It is a joint decision? It is vital that you speak to the whole family before you start breeding your dog.
  • Are you experienced with the diet that a pregnant female requires?
  • Do you understand behavior problems and how to address them?