PawDiet's Data Disclosure

PawDiet is committed to providing and maintaining the highest quality pet food data. However, despite our best efforts, our data sets may contain inaccurate or out-of-date information. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of our data. Pawdiet does not assume any liability for actions taken based on our data and does not encourage such actions without professional guidance.

Product Information

Manufactures are constantly reformulating their products and therefore our information may be out-of-date for short periods of time. Pawdiet employs advanced systems which attempt to maintain accuracy and up-to-date information, however these technologies rely on published information. Thus, PawDiet cannot guarantee product information accuracy at all times. Often formulation changes may be reflected on our website, however products which contain the old formulation may be in circulation. Therefore, we encourage our users to always double check packages for up-to-date information before feeding pets, especially for pets with medical conditions.

Price Comparison & Retailer Data

PawDiet is associated with multiple retailers and affiliate networks. These associations help PawDiet provide comprehensive price-comparison for thousands of products. The data used in constructing price comparison is obtained from retailers via data feeds. These data feeds are updated regularly by retailers and in-turn reflected in our data. PawDiet makes every effort to ensure price comparison data is accurate. However, the information reported on our website may potentially be incorrect/out-of-date and customers should always rely on the information provided on the retailer's website.

Consumers should also note that the specific product and packaging reflected on our product pages may not necessarily reflect the product and packaging sold on the retailer's website. This discrepancy may be the result of packaging changes by manufactures, reformations, and of course human error. Therefore, always reference the retailer's product page and contact the retailer if you have questions (or us if we can help!).

Recall, Safety, and Medical Information

Recall information is obtained through press-releases and the FDA. This information is processed by our staff and in turn disbursed to our subscribers and users. PawDiet provides recall alerts as a free service to help pet owners, but does not assume any liability for the use of information provided. Note that PawDiet has many procedures to ensure data accuracy, but cannot guarantee accuracy. PawDiet does NOT provide medical advice or information. Information contained in press-releases are not endorsed or reviewed by PawDiet. Pet owners are always encouraged to consult their veterinarian for medical related inquires.

Questions & Comments

As always, we enjoy communicating with our users. If any part of our disclosure is unclear or incomplete, please contact us.