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Learn About Blue Buffalo Pet Foods

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Blue Buffalo is one of the largest pet food brands in the world. With more than three-hundred dog and cat food products, Blue Buffalo has become the most recognized name in the pet food industry.

Unlike many of its competitors, Blue Buffalo manufactures pet food which does not contain corn, wheat, or soy. Whats more, Blue Buffalo foods do not contain any artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.

The use of high-quality ingredients leads to more expensive end-products. Therefore, using Blue Buffalo coupons is absolutely critical if you are trying to save money on pet food. We’ve accumulated the most up-to-date list of verified Blue Buffalo coupon codes and printable coupons. Select your desired coupon to instantly save money on your purchase.

What Type of Pet Food Does Blue Buffalo Produce?

Blue Buffalo produces premium dog and cat food products. They offer more than 300 different dry and wet AAFCO approved recipes.

In addition, Blue Buffalo also offers an assortment of pet food treats, dental chews, and supplementary feeding products.

Each Blue Buffalo recipe adheres to the brand’s strict ingredient quality standards. The brand has emphasized that Blue Buffalo products do not contain any corn, wheat, or soy. Further research also suggests that company does not use artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, or artificial food dyes.

The exclusion of harmful and controversial ingredients have been one of the key selling points for Blue Buffalo in the past decade. Many of the brand’s competitors are now following Blue Buffalo's lead and removing these negative ingredients from their existing pet food recipes.

Here are some of the signature Blue Buffalo product lines:
  • Life Protection Formula - Natural Recipes
  • Freedom - Grain-Free Recipes
  • Basics - Limited Ingredient Diets
  • Wilderness—Meat-Rich Diets
  • Natural Veterinary Diet - Rx
  • Blue for Cats - Natural Cat Food Recipes
  • Naturally Fresh - Cat Litter Products

Where Can I Buy Blue Buffalo Pet Food?

Blue Buffalo products are sold by Petco, Petsmart, Pet Supplies Plus, and thousands of neighborhood pet specialty stores. International shoppers can also purchase Blue Buffalo from their nearest leading pet specialty retailer.

The majority of reputable online retailers also carry an assortment of Blue Buffalo products. Most online pet stores also offer great deals and free shipping for orders which meet minimum purchase requirements.

How Can I Save Money On Blue Buffalo Pet Food?

Blue Buffalo is a relatively expensive pet food brand. The largest 30 pound bags of dry dog food can easily cost you $50 at retail. Treats, chews, and dental bones are also expensive when compared to competitors brands.

Fortunately, were going to provide some great shopping tips which can help you save thousands of dollars over your pet’s lifespan.

Printable Blue Buffalo Coupons

Blue Buffalo regularly offers amazing printable deals that can be used to save money in-store. These coupons are either printed at home or shipping to your house by U.S. mail.

Online Blue Buffalo Coupon Codes

Most online retailers are looking to grain exposure and new customers. Given these objectives, online retailers often provide big discounts and coupon codes for Blue Buffalo products. Sometimes, these promotions are so great that online retailers lose money in-exchange for new customers.

Auto-Ship Pet Food Deals

If you purchase Blue Buffalo on a regular basis, auto-ship services can help you save more than 10% on each order. These programs are easy to join and provide unbeatable convenience. However, using coupons and online coupon codes often yield more savings.

Whether you decide to use Blue Buffalo printable coupons or promo codes, you can always get a great deal on Blue Buffalo pet food products.

Blue Buffalo History

Blue Buffalo was founded in 2002 by Bill Bishop. The company has experienced double and tripe-digit annual growth for the past several years.

The company’s success over the past decade can be attributed to the brand’s successful marketing campaigns and expanded product lines. Today, Blue Buffalo is one of the most recognizable dog and cat food brands in the pet food industry.

The company is named after the Bishop family’s dog named Blue. In fact, the Bishop family was motivated to build a premium natural pet food company because of Blue’s struggle with cancer.

The family worked with leading holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionist to develop the Blue Life Protection Formula. This product quickly became one of the best selling pet food products in the United States.

The Bishop family continued to work with industry leading veterinarians and pet food experts to expand and improve the Blue Buffalo brand. Today, Blue Buffalo is one of the largest pet food brand in the world.

About Blue Buffalo Pet Food and Where To Buy

Blue Buffalo is one of the most popular dog food and cat food brands in the United States. The company offers a wide range of products for dogs and cats.

Blue Buffalo dog and cat food products are sold by big-box pet stores, independent pet stores, and online retailers.

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