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Learn About Eukanuba Pet Foods

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Eukanuba is one of the most recognizable dog food brands in the dog food industry. Founded by Paul Iams in 1969, the Eukanuba brand has become a leading supplier of dry and wet dog food products.

Because Eukanuba is confident in the food they produce, Eukanuba is now offering a 110% money back guarantee. Truly a testament to the confidence Eukanuba has in its own products.

What Type of Dog Food Does Eukanuba Produce?

Eukanuba offers a unique line of dog food products, all of which are designed for specific life-stages, breeds, and activity levels. By targeting specific areas, Eukanuba is able to provide the optimal nutritional balance required for your dog’s unique needs.

Unlike many other main-stream brands, Eukanuba only produces meat-rich foods. The first and second ingredients in each recipe are usually meats and meat by-products.

Eukanuba also produces dog treats which are designed for specific life-stages and life-styles. Although many brands offer life-stage specific food, few brands extend this concept to treats.

Finally, Eukanuba dog foods are formulated to meet AAFCO requirements. Certain recipes have also been tested in feeding trails to prove nutritional adequacy.

Where Can I Buy Eukanuba Dog Food?

Eukanuba is widely available in the United States. You can purchase Eukanuba dog foods at your nearest PetSmart. Eukanuba is also sold at many independently owned pet stores. Use the Eukanuba store locater to find the nearest store.

In addition, you can also purchase Eukanuba online. Most reputable online pet stores will carry Eukanuba dog food products. If you would like to purchase online, we recommend shopping at PetFlow for the largest selection of Eukanuba dog food products.

How Can I Save Money On Eukanuba Dog Food?

The lowest prices for Eukanuba dog food products are typically found online. Retailers such as PetFlow and Amazon offer lower prices and unbeatable convenience.

A single 33-lb package of Eukanuba dry dog food will cost anywhere from $35 to $50. You can often pay less than $35 by using coupons. This page offers great Eukanuba coupons which can reduce the cost of Eukanuba by more than 15%.

Occasionally, we’ll post printable Eukanuba coupons which can be used in-store. These coupons are posted regularly, however the online coupons typically offer greater savings.

If your on a tight budget, consider shopping online with Eukanuba coupons to receive the lowest possible price on your choice of Eukanuba dog food.

Eukanuba History

Eukanuba was founded by Paul Iams in 1969. The same founder also founded the Iams brand of dog food in 1946. Today, the Iams and Eukanuba brands are owned by the pet food giant, Mars Petcare.

The motivation behind the creation of Eukanuba was to formulate a product that was vastly different from other Iams products. The Eukanuba name comes from the jazz composer Hoagy Carmichael, and it means “something supreme” or “the tops.”

About Eukanuba Pet Food and Where To Buy

Eukanuba offers a complete line of dog food products. The brand is owned by Mars Petcare, one of the largest pet food companies.

Mars Petcare owns a total of 41 brands including four billion dollar pet food brands (Pedigree, Iams, Whiskas, and Royal Canin).

Eukanuba products are sold by big-box pet stores and online retailers.

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