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Learn About Solid Gold Pet Foods

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Solid Gold is an international supplier of natural and holistic pet food. The company was founded in the 1974 by Sissy Harrington-McGill in El Cajon, California.

The first Solid Gold formula was developed in 1974 and known as Sold Gold Hund-N-Flocken. Today, the brand offers multiple dry and wet food options in addition to an extensive line of supplements.

With the exception of tuna based canned foods, all Solid Gold foods are manufactured in the United States. According to the company’s website, ingredients are never sourced from China.

What Type of Pet Food Does Solid Gold Produce?

Solid Gold is focused on producing holistic pet foods, treats, and supplements. An extensive line of dry and wet food products are offered for both dogs and cats which meet AAFCO requirements.

The brand features multiple exotic proteins including venison, duck, and rabbit. Furthermore, Solid Gold provides a wide-selection of grain free and gluten free options.

In addition to dry and wet foods, Solid Gold also manufactures supplements specifically designed for dogs and cats. To name a few, Solid Gold manufactures digestive enzymes, flaxseed oils, vitamins, and coprophagia supplements.

Where Can I Buy Solid Gold Pet Food?

The largest pet store which carries Solid Gold pet food is Petco. You can also purchase Solid Gold from numerous independent pet stores. Use the Solid Gold store locater to find stores near you which carry Solid Gold products.

You can also purchase Solid Gold pet food online. The majority of reputable online pet stores carry Sold Gold products. Nearly all stores offering coupons on this page are also Solid Gold retailers.

Solid Gold is also available outside the United States. The easiest option would be to purchase from an online retailer which provides international shipping, however, you can also contact the company for more purchasing options in your country.

How Can I Save Money On Solid Gold Pet Food?

It’s very easy to save money on Solid Gold pet food. The majority of stores which sell Solid Gold offer great coupons on a regular basis.

The stores which are listed on this coupon page most likely offer Solid Gold products. Therefore, you can always obtain significant discounts by shopping at an online pet store.

Solid Gold History – How It All Started

Solid Gold founder Sissy Harrington-McGill was inspired to create Solid Gold after visiting Germany. She traveled to Germany in the 1970s to obtain championship bloodline Great Danes. During her trip, she noticed that the Great Danes in Germany lived significantly longer than Great Danes in the United States.

She did further research and concluded that the reason for the life-space difference was the Great Dane’s diet. She returned to the United States and began to produce natural dog food similar to what she had seen in Germany.

In 1974, Sissy formulated and began selling her first dog food recipe. Solid Gold has now grown into an international brand which offers dozens of different recipes for dogs and cats.

About Solid Gold Pet Food and Where To Buy

Solid Gold is a private pet food company which offers dog and cat food products. The majority of products offered by Solid Gold are manufactured in the United States. The only exception is tuna based canned cat food, which is manufactured in Thailand.

Solid Gold products are solid by independent pet stores, select big-box pet stores, and online retailers.

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