Carolina Prime Pet Inc. Issues Recall of Hollywood Feed Jerky Treats

Carolina Prime Pet, Inc., based in Lenoir, North Carolina, has issued a recall for five varieties of its jerky pet treats due to a potential Salmonella contamination. The company initiated the recall on September 27, 2023, immediately after one of its customers, Hollywood Feed, LLC, with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, informed them that specific product lots tested positive for the bacteria.

The recall, which remained under the radar due to its containment within a single supply chain, involved the following products, all under the Hollywood Feed brand:

  • CAROLINA Made USA FARM RAISED BEEF JERKY (5oz / 141g; Lot 20082323; Best by 02/25/25 L2)
  • AROLINA Made USA FARMED RAISED CHICKEN JERKY (5oz / 141g; Lot 20082323; Best by 02/25/25 L2)
  • CAROLINA Made WILD ELK JERKY (5oz / 141g; Lot 20082423; Best by 02/24/25 L2)
  • CAROLINA Made PORK JERKY (6oz / 141g; Lot 20082523; Best by 02/25/2025 L2)
  • CAROLINA Made USA FARMED RAISED TURKEY (6oz / 141g; Lot 20082423; Best by 02/24/2025 L2)

Carolina Prime Pet, Inc. has confirmed the complete withdrawal of the recalled items from the Hollywood Feed warehouse and that these items were never distributed for sale to consumers.

This effective maneuver by both Carolina Prime Pet, Inc. and Hollywood Feed, LLC highlights the importance of vigilant safety protocols in preventing potential health hazards. The swift containment and recall, executed before any report of the contaminated products reaching the end-users, exemplify an efficient response in a situation where delay could lead to serious consequences for pet health and public safety.