Dog Barking Control, How to Stop Dog Barking, Dog Barking Training

Dog Barking Control…

In this section we will teach you some free puppy training tips, dog training techniques methods so you can learn how to stop dog barking.

We have so far managed to stop your neighbors dog barking but as this is your pooch you have more control and are better able to understand the behavior patterns & traits that has your pooch may have developed.

By understanding your dog, barking training becomes much easier and we will aim to answer as many questions as we can.
When dog barking training before you can learn how to train a puppy or dog to stop barking you firstly need to train your pooch to bark on command…

As soon as you have both mastered this technique through the tips on this page you then have an on and off switch which is very handy if you have a yappy dog, or maybe you have a dog you want to train how to bark so they make a better guard dog…you see the possibilities are endless!

Anyway lets get started with our guide to dog barking control…

For this the dog training devices that you will need are a leash, a strong secure post in the ground, some treats and your dogs favorite toy.

Training your dog to bark or speak

  1. Start by attaching a leash to your dog or puppy and tie one end around the post, see our guide to puppy leash training and dog leash training for more advice on this.
  2. Your dog should be in the ‘sit’ position – start by standing 1 meter away from your dog and show him the toy.
  3. Gently tease him your dog or puppy with the toy, and when your dog starts barking give him the toy.
  4. Now put the toy out of site and when your dog starts to bark, give him some praise and a treat
  5. Now still standing with the toy in one hand in front of your dog ask him to speak or bark and as soon as he starts to bark give him the toy.

Training your dog to be quiet

Keep your dog in the same position attached to the post by a leash (make sure that your dog is safe.)

Now that your dog barks on command you want to learn more dog barking control techniques to train him to be quiet.

You should be doing this part seconds after step 5 of training your dog to bark or speak.

  1. As soon as your dog stops barking give him the toy and then a treat with lots of praise.
  2. If your dog keeps barking say ‘No’ in a firm voice and put the toy out of sight.
  3. Keep practicing every-day from the beginning through to the end so that your dog learns to bark on command and be quiet on command.

Congratulations you have now mastered dog barking control.

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