Stop dogs digging holes, how to keep domestic dogs from digging under fences

Stop Dogs Digging Holes

dogs digging

There are a variety of ways to stop dogs digging in the garden – in this article we will discuss a variety of different methods that owners use to cure this problem.

  • A good place to start is to discover the reasons behind your dogs digging problems. A common cause for this behavioral problem is due to separation anxiety. This reasonably common problem can also manifest itself with other destructive behavior such as chewing, barking and over anxious behavior.
  • Is your dog bored? Boredom is a common factor when it comes to this problem. Make sure that your dog is well stimulated – exercise is a great way to get your dog tired out and less prone to wanting to dig holes in the garden. Exercise is also a great way for you to build your relationship and is considered by some experts – such as Cesar Millan as a great dog training tool.
  • Don’t give your dog the opportunity to dig holes in the garden. Don’t leave dog that digs holes alone outside as this is just asking for problems (at least wait until you have set up some obstacles that will encourage him not to dig). Why not start by fencing off the area that is most often dug up.
  • You could also divert your dogs attention to another area and then reinforce that area with treats. Build a small Sand Pit and reward your dog for digging in that area. Start by burying a treat, toy or bone in the area and let your dog see you do it – the reward will be the treat at the end of the dig.
  • If your dog just loves digging holes don’t let him see you gardening or digging holes as this may reinforce the negative behavior.
  • If you are not able to supervise a dog that likes to dig holes try placing him in the Crate – remember the Crate can be used as a training too and should not be used as a punishment.
  • Some people like to use negative reinforcement tools like burying a Balloon. This works by making a loud noise when it pops – we don’t advocate this method to stop dogs digging but wanted to mention that it is a method that is used.
  • Another method used by some owners is to bury chicken mesh where your dog digs – the feeling of the mesh on your dog’s paws is unpleasant (not painful). Again we don’t use this method but wanted to mention it.
  • You can also purchase some products from pet stores that can alleviate the problem.

Below is an excellent video on how to stop your dog digging holes.

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