German Shepherd Dog Obedience Training

German Shepherd Dog Obedience Training

by Aamir
(srinagar kashmir india)

German Shepherd Dog Obedience Training.

I have a German shepherd dog aged 3 months, i have some problems him with him as he pottys wherever he wants. He also barks at people.

Hi and thanks for your question. When it comes to barking we have provided some links at the bottom of the page that will guide you through the whole process. One really good technique on stopping a dog from barking at other people is called ‘Focus ‘Attention Dog Obedience Training’. This is a technique that helps to focus your dogs attention on you rather than the person or dog that he is barking at. Practice the technique below.

You will need some treats, a leash and somewhere quiet to practice.

1. Attach a leash to your dog and when he is about to bark or starts barking – call his name.
2. As soon as you call his name move to the right or left.
3. Your dog will move with you – now get eye contact and and hold the treat at your eye level and your dog’s.
4. Give the treat and some praise
5. This will mean that every-time your dog is about to bark at another dog or person you can instantly redirect his attention on to you. You will need to practice this technique regularly.

When it comes to puppy potty training – your dog is still very young so is bound to have some accidents. He is also at an age where he may display challenging behavior (think of our dog as a baby that is growing and going through different stages in development and behavior.

A young puppy needs to be told and shown where he is supposed to pee or poop – a dog does not know the difference between your new carpet or sofa and the grass outside (unless you show him).

1. Attach a leash to your dog.
2. Say ‘Potty Time’ and take him outside – always go to the same area.
3. As soon as he is about to pee or poop say ‘Go Poop’ and when he is done give him lots of praise.
4. Always give your dog a set amount of time to pee or poop.
5. Purchase a crate and if your dog does not pee or poop in the time given – take him back inside and place him in the crate for fifteen minutes and then repeat the process of taking him outside.

Hope this help – there are some more links below.

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