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House Training a Dog



house training a dog

In this section learn the best tips on house training a dog, housebreaking a puppy, housebreaking dogs, potty training a puppy and potty training a dog. Ideally when house training a dog the earlier you start in your dog’s life the better. However, dogs and puppies are always learning and it is never to late to learn how to train a puppy or dog to potty outside.

In this section we have provided a step by step guide to house training your dog and potty training a puppy.

It is important to be realistic during any part of the dog or puppy obedience training process and by recognizing that accidents are going to happen you will be more prepared to anticipate any dog or puppy behavior problems or other house training or housebreaking issues.

House Training a Dog & Potty Training Puppies

Step by Step

Step 1

1. You need to choose a signal that your dog will understand as the cue you will use every-time you take your dog outside to potty.

2. It doesn’t matter what dog training commands you use to let your dog know that it is potty time it could be ‘Potty Time’ or ‘Toilet Time’ – just make sure that you and the family use the same cue every-time so that your dog doesn’t get confused.

3. As we are using reward based dog training methods known as positive reinforcement make sure that when you take your dog or puppy outside to potty you have some of his favorite treats with you.

Step 2

1. Ok it’s time to take your dog outside so use the cue that you have chosen.

2. When house training a dog and potty training puppies it is important to attach a leash to your dog before you both go outside.

3. So now you should both be outside and remember that you are both attached to the leash.

You should be keeping your dog under strict supervision and watching for signs that he is about to potty such as sniffing or pawing the ground.

4. As soon as you see your dog about to assume the potty position use your cue phrase – ‘Go Potty’ or whatever you chose and say it just before he starts to eliminate.

5. When your dog has finished you should give him lots and lots of praise.

Don’t just say ‘Good Boy’ you need to make him feel really special so that he thinks that he has just done the best thing in the world by going to the toilet outside.

A Quick Top Tip#

Remember that your dog is likely to potty twice so don’t take him back inside straight after he eliminates the first time.

When house training a dog make sure that you give him an allotted amount of time to do his business.

If you want your dog or puppy to potty in ten minutes then only give him ten minutes.

Remember to be consistent though – don’t give him ten minutes on the Wednesday and then expect him to do his business in five minutes at the weekend. Anyway back to step 3…

Step 3

1. If you are taking your dog or puppy outside to play, keep him on the leash first and then let him potty before play time and then give a cue such as ‘Go Play’.

This is a really useful tip to remember as your dog will want to potty really fast so that he gets the play time.

2. If your dog or puppy does not go in the allotted time take him back inside and put him in his crate for 15-20 minutes.

By being in his crate your dog is much less likely to have an accident as your dog was taught when he was in the litter to keep his bedding area dry.

After the allotted time take him back outside to potty.

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