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Housebreaking Dogs.


housebreaking dogs


In this section we provide the best free tips on housebreaking dogs and crate training a dog.

We will also include top dog training techniques and methods on crate training a puppy, house training a dog, house training a puppy and house training puppies.

So have a browse and visit the links for more dog training and puppy obedience training information and support.

A Complete Guide to the Different Housebreaking Techniques.

housebreaking dogs When housebreaking dogs there are a number of different dog training techniques that you can use.

We have listed some housebreaking methods for housebreaking dogs who are older and young pupppies as a puppy’s bladder gets stronger with age.

Some of the
dog training methods and techniques are listed below:

  1. Crate Training a Dog
  2. Puppy Pad Training
  3. Crate Training a Puppy
  4. Potty Training a Puppy
  5. Potty Training a Dog
  6. House Training a Puppy
  7. House Training a Dog

Throughout this page we will describe some of these dog training techniques and puppy obedience training tips and a few more and how best to use them.

Housebreaking Dogs.

Housebreaking a Dog & House Training a Dog – Is there a difference?

Housebreaking a dog simply means training your dog or puppy to toilet in a specific place that you have chosen.

There is no difference between housbreaking a dog and housetraining a dog – they both use the same dog training methods, techniques and devices, but just use a different name.

When housebreaking a dog there are a number of different ways that you can train your dog where to potty.

You may have decided to use training pads normally associated with puppy pad training, or the dog litter box option.

You may use crate training as your housebreaking tool or decide that a dog bell hanging from the door is a useful option.

It maybe that you find newspaper known as paper training the most effective training tool.

It does not matter which dog training techniques you use when housebreaking dogs or how you teach your dog or puppy where to potty as long as you are consistent and it is you that is deciding where your dog should toilet and not your dog making the decision.

Throughout this section we will briefly discuss some of the more common and more successful housebreaking techniques.

We are not showing any preference we are simply stating some of the dog training methods, techniques, devices and tools that dog owners and trainers use to train their dog or puppy.

Housebreaking Dogs.

Paper Training.

Paper training is the process of potty training a puppy or potty training a dog to toilet on a piece of paper that you have placed in a particular area of the House.

You can purchase special absorbent paper that has an odor neutralizer from decent vet stores but many dog owners simply use newspaper.

The idea behind paper training is to gradually make the paper smaller and smaller until you are able to completely remove the paper or place it outside.

Using paper when housebreaking dogs or puppies has its fans but also its detractors.

Many trainers feel that if you are training your dog to potty in the House how can you expect him not to get confused and have accidents around the House – after all you are training him to potty in the House.

If you are paper training your dog or puppy and you want to move the paper to another area.

You will need to thoroughly clean and neutralize the smell left behind by your dog’s excrement – you can do this by purchasing a odor neutralizer or by mixing some vinegar and water.

The reason for this is that a dog’s pee contains ammonia and if he can smell even a minuscule amount on the floor where the old paper was he will continue to potty there.

You can use this to your advantage though by placing any soiled paper where you want your dog to potty – and keep moving it until it is outside.

If you want specific information on potty training a puppy or potty training a dog to toilet outside then take a look at our section on potty training a puppy and potty training a dog.

Housebreaking Dogs.

Housebreaking a Dog or Puppy using a Dog Bell.

Dog Bell Training

Bell training is a great way to housebreak your dog or puppy as it allows your dog to signal exactly when he wants to go outside to potty.

    1. You should start by choosing a door that you can attach the bell to – use the door that you normally use to let your dog out to potty.


    1. Attach a leash to your dog or puppy and use the dog or puppy obedience training cue that you have chosen – ‘Toilet Time’ or ‘Outside’ whatever you decided on – just keep it short and sweet.


    1. Gently lead your dog to the door and repeat the cue phrase ‘Outside’ at the same time as you ring the bell.


    1. Take your dog outside to potty – follow the tips that you learned in our section on potty training a puppy.


  1. Repeat this for as long as it takes – until your dog or puppy starts to associate the two together.After a period of time your dog or puppy will be ringing the bell on his own – he may use his paw, his nose or his head to ring the bell – it doesn’t matter as long as he is telling you that he wants to go outside.


Housebreaking Dogs.

Crate Training a Dog & Crate Training a Puppy

Crate training is one of the most popular dog training methods when housebreaking dogs as it is a relatively easy technique to use when training your dog or puppy where to potty.

For in-depth information on this training technique check out our section on crate training a puppy and crate training a dog as it will give you a detailed guide on crate training a dog or puppy.

    • Dogs and puppies have a natural instinct to keep there bedding area clean and dry – it is something that they learned from their mother in the litter and it goes back to their natural instinct.


    • Crate training is quite popular as it enables you to confine your dog to one area so that you can be in control of where he toilets and it also stops your dog from having accidents all around the House.


    • Some people like crate training and others think it is cruel – it is up to you to make the crate feel like a positive experience.


    • Housebreaking dogs using crate training enables you to supervise your dog so that he won’t start to develop dog or puppy behavior problems.


    • A crate will stop your dog from developing any destructive behavior.


    • Using a crate enables you to start house training a dog where you create a time-table or schedule so that you are able to closely monitor when you feed your dog and when you potty him.


  • A crate is a great house training tool as it keeps your dog or puppy safe when you are not able to closely supervise him.


Housebreaking Dogs.

Housebreaking a dog using a litter box

Sometimes when housebreaking dogs you may have to use certain housebreaking methods as you have no other choice.

This is the case with litter box training, pad training and paper training as sometimes you don’t have a garden or somewhere close by to let your dog out.

You may live on the tenth floor of an apartment block – consequently these housebreaking methods fit perfectly with this scenario.

Some dog trainers don’t like using litter box’s, paper or pads as house training tools.

This is mainly because they feel if you are teaching your dog to potty in the House in a litter box or on paper how can you expect him to differentiate between a piece of paper on the floor and when you are lounging around on the carpet reading the newspaper and your dog comes over and pees on the business section!

Assuming that you want to use a litter box as you are living on the tenth floor – follow these dog training and puppy obedience training tips.

    • Buy a litter box that is large enough for your dog.If you are litter box training a small puppy – he is going to get bigger and you don’t want him to out grow the litter box too soon.


    • Don’t share the same litter box with a cat.


    • Make sure that the litter box is cleaned everyday.


    • Attach a leash to your dog and take him over to the litter box and place him on the litter.


    • Repeat the ‘Go Potty’ phrase so that he knows why you have placed him on it.



    • If you catch your dog peeing somewhere other than the litter box – pick him up and place him in the litter tray.


  • Practice these tips everyday. Litter box training uses exactly the same techniques as we used in potty training a puppy. and potty training a dog.Instead of teaching your dog to potty outside you are teaching him to potty in a litter box tray.


Housebreaking Dogs.

Puppy pad Training & Dog Pad Training

Some people use training pads to housebreak their dog or puppy.

Below we have given a brief introduction to pad training – but for detailed information refer to our section on puppy pad training and puppy pads training.

The basic idea behind puppy pad training and dog pad training is training your dog or puppy to toilet in specific area i.e. on the pads.

After a period of time you can gradually move the pads outside so that your dog will then go outside to potty.

It’s pretty much the same as paper training but pads are more expensive and have the hormone stimulant – although you can buy some without.

    1. Most training pads have been treated with a hormone that naturally stimulates your dog or puppy to want to potty.


    1. It is still a good idea to show the pads to your dog or puppy so that he knows exactly where they are.


    1. It is still a good idea to take your dog out for regular potty breaks.The idea behind the training pads is for them to be used as a housebreaking – house training tool so that you can gradually encourage your dog to potty outside by moving the pads closer to the back door after a period of time.


    1. Use a crate alongside this training technique.


    1. After your dog or puppy is regularly using the pads – start moving them closer to the door. It is important that you don’t rush this phase though.


    1. If you do catch your dog having an accident not on the pads – say ‘No’ and then place him on one of the training pads.


  1. When you have managed to get the pads outside – every-time your dog uses them – use the ‘Go Potty’ cue. Your dog will start to associate the two together.




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