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Housebreaking a Puppy

Puppy Litter Box Training



housebreaking a puppy

Housebreaking a puppy using a litter box is another way of housebreaking puppies and dogs.

This method of house training a puppy or has it’s fans and its detractors – for the same reasons as paper training and puppy pad training i.e. How can you expect to train a puppy to potty outside if you are confusing him by teaching him that is ok to potty inside.

We don’t offer a personal opinion on a specific house training method as everyone has there own reasons why they choose a particular method.

However, what we will say is that it is not always possible to train your puppy to potty outside if you live on the 15th floor of an apartment block.

For this reason alone, a litter box is a possible solution to a house training problem where the owner and puppy do not have any immediate access to a garden.

Ok so lets get started…
Puppy Litter Box Training

      • Make sure that you purchase a litter box that is big enough for your puppy – remember that your puppy is going to grow.
      • Do not share the same litter box with your cat.
      • Make sure that you clean the litter box everyday.
      • Establish a toileting regime and begin by attaching a leash to your puppy and then place him in the litter box.
        • When you have placed him on the litter box – give him the ‘Go Potty’ cue.
        • After your puppy has done his business give him lots of praise and a reward.
        • If you catch your puppy having an accident in the House – pick him up and place him in the Litter Box.
        • Training your puppy to use the litter box uses exactly the same training regime that you used in puppy potty training when you trained your puppy to toilet outside. The only difference is that you are training your puppy to potty inside.


Housebreaking a Puppy

Puppy Paper Training

The idea behind housebreaking a puppy using paper is to train your puppy to potty on a piece of paper that you have placed in a specific area in the House.

This is another dog training method that has its fans and detractors as some owners and trainers don’t agree with training a puppy to potty in the House as it may confuse your puppy when he has the odd accident.

          1. To paper train a puppy you should purchase some absorbent paper from your local pet store and then choose a designated area where you would like your puppy to potty.


          1. Show the paper to your puppy so he knows where it is and follow a normal toileting timetable.At the time your puppy may need to potty e.g. straight after a meal attach a leash to your puppy and walk him over to the paper. When he is on the paper – repeat your ‘Go Potty’ cue.


          1. Don’t use a newspaper to paper train a puppy as how can you expect your puppy not to potty on any old newspaper that may have found it’s way on to the floor.


          1. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the area where the paper is placed after he has used it.Due to the fact that a puppy’s pee contains ammonia even a faint hint of the residue may encourage your puppy to continue peeing there even after the paper has been removed.


          1. When your puppy is using the paper on a regular basis you should start making the paper smaller and smaller and move it closer to the door.After a period of time the paper should be removed and your puppy should be toileting outside.


          1. It is always a good idea to use a crate during the paper training program as it helps to stop your puppy having accidents and enables you to supervise your puppy.This is useful as it may help you to stop any puppy behavior problems before they become too ingrained.


          1. Expect accidents to happen.


          1. Don’t reprimand your puppy if you don’t catch him in the act as it will confuse him. Only reprimand your puppy with a ‘No’ and then place him on the paper and repeat the ‘Go Potty’ phrase.


          1. When your puppy successfully uses the paper make sure that you reward him with a treat and some praise.You can find more information on reward based dog obedience training in our section on positive reinforcement.


          1. It is a good idea when paper training that you continue to take your puppy outside to potty.


Housebreaking a Puppy

Crate Training a Puppy

Puppy crate training is another popular method of housebreaking a puppy and a technique that is often used by dog owners and dog trainers.

The idea being crate training a puppy is that it enables you to closely supervise your puppy.

This will allow you to develop a toileting timetable so that you can give your puppy regular potty breaks which will help stop your puppy having accidents and with your close supervision you will be able to nip any dog or puppy behavior problems in the bud.

Housebreaking a puppy with crate training will also stop your puppy from having accidents all around the House – with the use of a crate you are providing a strict training environment.

By placing your puppy in his crate and due to the fact that puppies don’t like to potty where they sleep your puppy will learn that if he wants to potty he will realize that he will have to do this outside – and you will be surprised how quickly he will learn this.

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