Miniature Beagles, Pocket Teacup Baby Beagle Puppies Pictures

Miniature Beagles

miniature beagles

Miniature Beagles are very cute, but as you can see in the pictures above the puppies are even cuter.

Consequently this section is all about the mini Beagle who are often called pocket, teacup or baby Beagles.

We have also provided some pictures & videos so you can see this variety at their very best….and so you can go all gooey too….!

Lets Start With Some Cute Videos…

Miniature Beagle Puppies Playing with Dad

Another Cute Video of Miniature Beagle Puppies Playing

Miniature Beagles – The Facts

miniature beagles

How Cute are Beagles when their Puppies!

Miniature Beagles were initially bred to be a baby or pocket size so that they could fit under low bushes when out on a hunt chasing smaller prey such as Rabbits. They were ideal as a pocket sized Hound as they could also fit into the hunters saddlebags.

Description – The pocket Beagle is considered quite robust and sturdy and has a short coat that is quite easy to care for and maintain. The coat can come in a combination of colors ranging from black and tan, white and red, white and orange and even a lemon and white color.

The Beagle is classed as a member of the Hound group and looks relatively similar to a small English Fox Hound. The mini Beagle has a relatively broad skull with a muzzle that is quite square and straight. The pocket, mini or baby Beagle do have a very distinct sound when they howl and you will especially hear this when they are on a hunt. Their feet are strong and rounded and their nose is keen and ready to pick up any scent.

Temperament – Mini Beagles are considered a gentle, sociable, courageous but curious dog that is happy to get on with anyone. They are very intelligent and are normally ok with other dogs but not good with other animals especially cats. Consequently you should start socializing your pooch with as many new experiences as possible from an early age.

It was worth mentioning that this breed (the mini and normal sized version) are prone to separation anxiety as they don’t like to be on their own for long periods of time. You will need to give your dog lots of walks and remember that they do have a tendency to baying noise – this was used to alert the horseman to a prey. Due to the fact that they are from the Hound group they can have a habit of getting a scent and then running off, so keep a close eye on your dog when out for a walk.

Training – They can be very stubborn and very much have their own mind – we have provided a video below on some basic training techniques below to help you begin the process.

It is important when training Beagles that you remain fair, strong, firm and consistent during the training process and always remain the pack leader and alpha male.

Do this by eating first, going through the door first, not letting your pooch sleep in the same bed as you and feeding your dog on a lower level than where you eat.

A Short Video on How to Train a Beagle to Sit
More Information on Training Beagles

Height and Weight – Mini Beagles can grow to a height of 7-12 inches or 18-30 cm and weigh in at about 7-15 pounds or 3-7 kg.

Health Problems – The mini Beagle can suffer from health problems including heart disease, back problems, eye problems, epilepsy and dwarfism also known as chondrplasia which is when the front legs become warped.

Living Conditions – Miniature Beagles can live in a flat or apartment but they will need to be outside on a regular basis occasions as they are very active.

Exercise – Mini Beagles need quite allot of exercise including daily walks of a reasonable distance.

Life Expectancy – They can live for about 12-15 years.

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