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Dog Mounting

dog mounting

Dog mounting & dominance problems are quite a common issue…

On this page learn how to cure this problem with a selection of the best free dog & puppy training tips, techniques, methods, commands & devices and we will also try to answer any questions that you may have in relation to patterns in your dog or puppy’s behavior.

So lets get started and cure this embarrassing behavioral problem.

All your Dog Mounting Problems Cured!

Dog mounting is in the vast majority of cases is your dog or puppy trying to show his dominance over the another dog…

  • Any pack leader or alpha male has the right to mate with or procreate with any female that he chooses – however as surprising as it may sound dog mounting has little to do with sex but everything to do with dominance.
  • Dog mounting occurs with both genders, male and female.
  • Your male dog or female may may mount dogs of the same sex, again this is a dominance issue.
  • Young puppies and adolescent dogs often display mounting problems during puberty – this is due to lots of hormones floating about. Check out our section on puppy development for more advice.
  • If you are interested in some dog psychology and want to know who is the pack leader and alpha male, look to see the response from the dog or puppy who is being mounted.
  • If the mounted dog does nothing this indicates a confident dog or puppy.
  • If however the mounted dog looks intimidated after being mounted they are basically stating that they realize they are further down the pecking order.
  • If the mounted dog is growling and shakes the mounting dog off – he is saying ‘hey I don’t think that you are my leader’!

More Top Tips

Most dog trainers tend to agree that dogs who mount will stop doing it after a period of time – so advise just to ignore it and not to pay too much attention to the problem.

You should only try and stop when you dog mounts if…

  • It provokes aggressive behavior and fights with other dogs.
  • Your dog is getting obsessed with trying to prove his dominance and it is starting effect his sleep and how much he eats and plays.

If any of the above is the case – to cure this problem be consistent, fair and strong just like any alpha male or pack leader – because that is what you ultimately are!

  • We often repeat this but it is so important start socializing your dogs early through puppy socialization – this way you will be able to spot and cure any behavioral problems before they take root.
  • By socializing your dog or puppy early and learning how to train a puppy correctly you will establish yourself as the dominant leader in your relationship. 
  • To achieve the above simply use the same methods that we used to stop puppy biting and also the same techniques that you use to stop dogs chewing – simply redirect their attention, take your dog for a walk or have some play time.
  • Don’t get your dog over excited as this can encourage your dog to mount  be very matter of fact when you leave the House or come back from work
  • If you catch your dog trying to mount don’t try and interrupt him physically as this could trigger off aggressive behavior – simply divert his attention with a toy, a chew or some exercise.
  • Allow about 2 months for any mounting behavior to stop before you take any action. If however the problem has not subsided within about 2-3 months either pay or get free vet advice.
  • Your vet may mention having your dog neutered as this is one of the most successful methods to stop this dominance problem.

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