House Training a Puppy – How do I House Train my 11 month Great Dane?

House Training a Puppy – How do I House Train my 11 month Great Dane?

by lynn
(great britain )

We rescued a Great Dane but she is not house trained and we try taking her out regularly and say certain names to do her business but we are not getting anywhere with her she is pooping and weeing every where day and night. she is a lovely dog fantastic temperament but this is driving me insane – please help!

Hi and thanks for your question – yo are doing everything right but house training a puppy does take time – it will possibly take a little longer she is also a rescue dog so may have not had any obedience training at all. Below is what you can do…

If you try attaching a leash to your dog and tuck the end of the leash in your trousers or skirt – this means that wherever your dog goes you will go to – so you will be able to catch her as soon as she is about to do her business and correct her at the same time and then take her outside. So continue with what you are doing but expect it to take some time – you should also purchase a Crate as this will stop her from having a poop or peeing in the House.

So feed your dog at the same time each day so you are more likely to know the times of day when she poops and pees. Attach a leash to her and use the cue ‘Potty Time’ and take her outside. Try and take her to the same spot each time as it will have all the smells where she has pooped and peed before. As soon as she is about to poop say ‘Go Poop’ and as soon as she is done give her lots of praise and a treat. Always go outside for an allotted time and if she does not poop or pee in this time take her inside and put her in the Crate – then wait a few minutes and take her back out again using the same techniques as before.

Hope this helps

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