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Dog Crate Training




dog crate training

Learn how to cure dog crate training problems with the best free dog training techniques, tools, methods and commands to make crate training a puppy or dog fast, fun and easy.

We understand how frustrating it is when you beloved dog or puppy keeps pooping or peeing on the carpet – you need to remember they just need training. Imagine your puppy is a baby that way you will always be teaching and training your pooch just like you would if it was your own baby.

You would be amazed at the amount of puppy owners who treat their tiny puppy as if he was an adult – this will never work. You need to show, train and consistently remember that you are the ‘Mummy’ and it is down to you to reinforce positive behavior.

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Dog Crate Training

My dog hates his crate and cry’s when we put him in it?

dog crate training

There maybe several reasons why your dog or puppy has taken a dislike to his crate:

    1. Have you gone too fast in the crate training process?It maybe worth checking out our section on crate training a dog or go back to the beginning by referring to our section on crate training a puppy. However, if you have taken it slowly it maybe due to other reasons:


    1. Take a look at where you have placed the crate – have you put it near the family?Allot of dogs and puppies that are placed in a far off room will not feel part of the family and may start to develop dog behavioral problems or even puppy behavior issues.Try placing the dog’s crate nearer the family as you will be able to see any behavior problems developing and it will stop your dog whining and getting stressed.When crate training puppies or dogs it is alway wise to place the crate near the family.


    1. Always leave your dog’s favorite toy’s in his crate so that he doesn’t get bored.


    1. Never ever use the crate as a punishment tool as your dog will understandably not want to go in it. You want your dog to love his crate.


  1. Don’t leave your dog in his crate any longer than is necessary. This is a health and safety issue as:(A) It is not kind to leave your dog in his crate all day and(B) Trying to hold his bladder all day may lead to urinary tract infections – also leaving your dog in his crate will teach him to think that it is ok to potty there.For more information on potty training a dog or for puppies – check out our section on potty training a puppy or potty training a dog.


Every-time I go to let my dog out of his crate he barks?


    1. STOP! Do absolutely nothing! Don’t even reach for the crate to let him out. When dog crate training if you let him out when his is misbehaving he will learn that if he misbehaves badly he will ultimately get what he wants.


    1. Stay still and wait until until your dog stops barking and pawing at the crate door. When your dog has stopped you can let him out.


  1. If your dog starts barking, whining or pawing at the door again wait until he is quiet before you let him out. This way your dog will learn to be quiet and then you will let him out.


My dog seems to like his crate but he pees on his blanket?


    1. Make sure that your dog is not spending too much time in his crate.


    1. If your dog or puppy is peeing on his blanket – take away the blanket until your dog learns not to potty in his crate.


  1. Make sure that the crate is not too big so that your dog is able to potty in his crate and stay dry.

dog crate training

My dog is fine in his crate during the day – but when I let him sleep with me he pees on the floor?


    1. Don’t let him sleep with you – your dog is not properly house trained yet. Check out our section on house training a puppy for more help or for an older dog you may find our section on house training a dog more useful.If your dog is still having accidents around the House he is not ready for so much freedom. In all aspects of puppy obedience training and dog obedience training – it is important to take things slowly.


  1. Did you know that without realizing it even though you maybe asleep – by letting your dog potty in the bedroom and him not having any immediate punishment – you are actually telling your dog that it is ok to potty on the bedroom floor.


I tried dog crate training before & I think I may have made some mistakes – now my dog hates his crate – I want to try again – but how?


    1. Start by buying another crate as your dog or puppy may have started to associate his old crate with bad experiences.


    1. Put your dog’s new crate in a different part of the House – you need to make the dog crate training seem like a new and fresh start experience.


  1. Start the crate training from the beginning and make it more of an enjoyable experience – lots of treats and fun will train your dog or puppy to love his crate again.

Crate Training a Dog – Top Tips

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