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Free Puppy Training Tips





free puppy training tips


On this page discover the best free puppy training tips and the best guide to training a puppy & dog including how to stop dog barking, stop dogs from chewing, stop dog jumping fence, stop neighbors dog barking.

We have also included a complete guide to puppy games and the development of your puppy’s behavior from the ages of:..

  1. Puppy development from birth to 8 weeks.
  2. 8-11 weeks
  3. 12-15 weeks
  4. 16-19 weeks
  5. 20-24 weeks

If you also want to learn how to get the best from your puppy and strengthen your bond and relationship check out our guide to the best puppy games.

Anyway lets get started with a complete guide to the best collection of free puppy training tips currently available online…

Free Puppy Training Tips

How to Stop Dog Barking

how to stop dog barking

A dog or puppy has a natural instinct to bark and to guard and protect, but if you want to learn how to stop dog barking it is best to learn how to train a puppy or dog to bark. Check out our dog and free puppy training tips on how to stop dog barking below:

By learning how to train a puppy or dog to bark you are more able to control when to turn the barking off – just like a tap.

The below guide on how to stop dog barking works every time.

    1. Attach your dog or puppy to a post by his leash and make sure that you stand approximately one meter away.


    1. Take your dog’s toy out of your pocket and gently tease your puppy with it.


    1. Wait for your dog to bark with frustration – after he has started barking give him a treat when he barks.


    1. Now put the toy away , and when your puppy or dog starts barking just say ‘good boy’ or ‘good dog’.


    1. Take the toy out again and when your dog starts barking say ‘speak’ or ‘talk’. Give the toy to your dog as a reward.


Ok now its time to stop your dog barking and teach him the quiet command.

    1. Now your dog understands the ‘talk’ or ‘speak command’ you are going to teach him the quiet command.


    1. Take your toy out and show it to your dog or puppy.


    1. When your dog or puppy starts barking say ‘quiet’.


    1. As soon as your dog stops barking give him the toy or a treat.


    1. Make sure that you time it perfectly as you don’t want to reward him when he is barking.


    1. If your dog fails to stop barking, put his toy away and command your dog or puppy with the ‘no’ command.


    1. Keep practicing – every time your dog stops barking reward him.


  1. After a period of time you will be able to walk a little further away and just a ‘good boy’ or ‘good dog’ will suffice.


Free Puppy Training Tips

Stop Puppy Biting & Nipping

stop puppy biting

Follow these excellent free puppy training tips to stop puppy biting:

    1. Remember that it is always important that you encourage puppy socialization from an early age as this is a great was to encourage positive behavior.


    1. Never ever hit or use any physical punishment towards your puppy. Not only is this cruel or unacceptable but it will only breed bad behavior. If you are aggressive then your puppy will be aggressive.


    1. Always be consistent when training your puppy. By being fair, your puppy will learn to trust and respect you.


    1. Always remember that your puppy is still a baby so does not always understand what is wrong and what is right. As the dog owner and trainer it is up to you to teach your puppy what is acceptable and what is not.


    1. A puppy actually learns to bite when he is still whit his litter and with his mum. At this time in his life he is also learning how hard to bit and will test his jaw out on objects and with his brothers, sisters and with you.


    1. A great techniques to stop puppy biting is to redirect his attention. By saying ‘No’ when he starts biting or nipping and then redirecting his attention to a toy or chew rather than your hand, this will teach your puppy what is acceptable to bite and what isn’t.


    1. If your puppy is biting your hand and is teething, don’t use a toy or chew as a diversion, but use an ice cube instead.


    1. When a puppy is biting other members of his litter his brothers and sisters will yelp if he bites too hard. So if your puppy bites you, make a sharp ‘ouch’ sound that will startle him and then pull your hand away.


    1. If you are still having problems, when your puppy bites you say ‘No’ and place one finger under his tongue and the other finger under his chin and leave it there for a few seconds. Don’t do it hard but leave your fingers there for a period of time as it will be uncomfortable for your pooch.


  1. If you want to use a form of negative reinforcement, put some gloves on and add some nasty tasting substance that your puppy hates – make sure that it isn’t dangerous though. Your puppy will soon learn that if he bites you he will get a nasty shock.

Take a look at the excellent video on how to stop puppy biting that provides some excellent free puppy training tips that you and your family can use to stop any unnecessary biting or nipping.

Free Puppy Training Tips

Stop Neighbors Dog Barking

If you want to stop your neighbors dog barking you should take the following steps.

    1. Be open and honest, go and visit your neighbor with a small gift like a baked cake.


    1. Start some small talk after you have handed over the cake, and talk for a dew minutes.


    1. You don’t want your neighbor to think that you have visited him or her just to say that their dog is barking too much, gradually bring this into the conversation.


    1. Some websites say send a letter first, but this is really impersonal and is guaranteed to annoy your neighbor.


  1. If however you mention the barking dog a few time and nothing has been done, then put something in writing.

If this still does not stop your neighbors dog barking take the following steps.

    1. Try notifying your HOA or Home Owners Association or landlord.


    1. Try getting a copy of your state ordinances law on noise control.


    1. If you live in the UK contact your local council and the Environmental Agency.


    1. Try purchasing a Viatek BC16G Super Bark Stop Gift Box – which should be aimed toward the barking. The box gives out a high pitched noise that only dogs hear.Before long your neighbors dog will start to associate that every time he barks he gets a really high pitched noise.You can learn more about this in our section on classical conditioning


    1. If your neighbors dog is still barking, keep a log of the time and how loud your neighbors dog is barking – from 0-10.


    1. Take your log to the police.


    1. Ask your neighbor gain to stop their dog barking and if it still doesn’t work, get a lawyer. 


    1. Take your neighbor to court and sue. You can expect to sue for about $2,000-5,000.


    1. If none of this works you may have to move.


  1. Make sure that you are honest and open with anyone moving into the House, and mention that your neighbors dog has a problem with barking.


Free Puppy Training Tips

Stop Dogs Chewing

Read these dog and free puppy training tips and quick guide on how to stop dogs chewing:

    1. Only allow your dog access to a minimum amount of toys.


    1. Always aim to keep your dog or puppy confined when you are unable to supervise him.Check out our section puppy crate training to get more information on crate training a puppyFor older dogs take a look at our section on crate training a dog.


    1. Use a bitter tasting deterrent such as Johnstons Anti Chew on objects that your dog is chewing.


    1. When you see your dog chewing the right objects jive lots of praise, this is known as positive reinforcement.


    1. If you catch your dogs chewing on something, say a very firm ‘No’ and when he stops chewing, give him lots of praise and a treat.


  1. Try playing puppy games as this is a great way to divert their attention from the object that they are chewing.


Free Puppy Training Tips

Stop your Dog Jumping the Fence

Follow these excellent dog and free puppy training tips to stop your dog jumping the fence.

    1. Prevention is always better than cure. Make sure that the fence is nice and high.


    1. Even what you may consider the best dog breeds will jump your fence. The main culprits are small dog breeds like Jack Russells and Norwich Terriers, but any dog will jump your fence if they decide what is on the other side is more interesting.


    1. Put some wire (make sure that it is safe) at the bottom of the fence so your dog can’t get a run up at the fence or dig under it.


    1. Of course it is difficult to always catch your dog in th act but by training your dog to come you will be able to stop your dog jumping the fence if you catch him.


    1. Always supervise your dog when you let him out.


  1. You can use deterrent dog training devices such shock collars that are linked to an electric current in the fence. We don’t personally use this dog training method, but some trainers recommend it for extreme cases.




Free Puppy Training Tips-Puppy behavior-step by step


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3. Puppy Behavior: 8-11 weeks: Puppy behavior between 8-11 weeks can display biting, nipping and chewing issues.

4. Puppy Behavior: 12-15 weeks Puppy behavior between the ages of 12-15 weeks can become a problem, consequently we have covered this period regarding puppy obedience training step by step.

5. Puppy Behavior: 16-19 weeks Puppy behavior at this age is similar to teenage behavior, discover puppy obedience training to conquer any behavior problems.

6. Puppy Behavior: 20-24 weeks Puppy behavior now develops the growing pains associated with puberty. Learning to understand the hormonal changes will help with the puppy obedience training process.

7. Puppy Games: Playing with your puppy is a great way to bond and make puppy obedience training more fun. But you need to use the right training techiniques otherwise the games may cause more problems than they cure.

8. Puppy Games: In this section we discuss the importance of introducing your children to playing games with your puppy – and puppy games that should not be played.

9. Puppy Training Pads: Here we explain what is meant by puppy training pads and how to use them when puppy pad training.

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