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Learn About VeRUS Pet Foods

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VeRUS was founded in 1993 by Russell Armstrong. The Verus approach to formulating the best pet food involves using whole meats, whole grains, and proper supplementation.

Verus dog and cat foods are free of all harmful additives. Verus pet foods do not contain any meat by-products, fillers, or artificial preservatives. These are excellent properties which set Verus apart from its competition.

What Type of Pet Food Does VeRUS Produce?

Verus produces dry pet food, wet pet food, and supplements. The company manufactures pet food in the United States and New Zealand. Here is the official statement from the company:

Our dry food is manufactured in upstate New York while our canned formulas are made in South Dakota (blue labels) and New Zealand (green and cat faced labels).

The manufacturing facilities utilized by Verus are ER certified facilities. This certification requires that all meat processed in the facility be fit for human consumption. Thus, Verus can guarantee that no fallen animals or 4D meats are used in the production of Verus pet foods.

One of the great features of Verus pet food is the overall quality of ingredients used. For example, Verus incldes cage free chickens from West Virgina and grass-fed lamb meal from New Zealand.

Where Can I Buy VeRUS Pet Food?

Verus is sold by independently owned pet stores. Relative to other brands, Verus is not widely available in the United States. If you live on the east coast of the United States, you may be able to find a nearby store.

For everyone else, the best option for purchasing Verus pet food is online. Thankfully, PetFlow and several other online retailers are selling Verus pet foods.

If you wish to buy in-store, check the store locater for an available retailer near you.

How Can I Save Money On VeRUS Pet Food?

You can save money on Verus pet food by purchasing online. Small independently owned pet stores are unlikely to offer great deals or coupons on a regular basis.

However, many large online pet stores carry Verus products. These online pet stores offer big coupons on a regular basis.

Use Verus coupons to significantly reduce the cost of feeding Verus pet foods. We may occasionally provide printable Verus coupons, but these are not as common as online coupon codes.

VeRUS Pet Foods History

Verus Pet Foods was launched in 1993 by Russell Armstrong. Prior to becoming a pet food entrepreneur, Mr. Armstrong worked in the nuclear power industry.

His venture into the pet food industry began after helping his friend at a dog show in Manassas, Virgina. It was at this dog show where Mr. Armstrong was exposed to the pet food industry.

Shortly after, Mr. Armstrong accepted a sales position with a local distributor of pet food. Eventually he became a partner in the distribution company.

In the summer of 1991, there was a management change within a certain pet food company. Unfortunately, this pet food company was one of Mr. Armstrong's most successful clients. Prior to the change, he vigorously promoted this company’s pet food.

The new management quickly began cutting corners and degrading the quality of the pet food. Retailers and customers began complaining to Mr. Armstrong who promoted the food for the pet food company.

Armstrong felt the changes were unacceptable and he decided to start his own pet food company. This was the beginning of the Verus pet food brand.